Weight Watchers

it's not a diet. it's a lifestyle.

Name: Jenna
Age: 32
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 267
CW (current weight): 264
GW (goal weight): 150

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this community, and have just come back to LJ after a few years.

First week!
I have done weight watchers in the past with success, but difficult life circumstances and using food as comfort have led me to start again. This was my first week and I lost 3 pounds. I feel great and I'm motivated. I got the activelink, and while I'm only in the assessment phase - I already love it!

how did they know i would come back?
I started Weight Watchers in September 2011.

I jumped out of Weight Watchers in October 2012. I lost what I wanted, but I joined a new YMCA and thought I would be fine on my own.

I rejoin Weight Watchers in June 2013. Did not do fine on my own. Net gain of 20lbs. When I went to register online, lo and behold, they kept all my account info. While I appreciate the restoration of all my old data, how did they figure it would be nice to hold onto it? I would like to hope that this is for the sake of continuity and not the result of cynical analysis that concluded I would come crawling back. 

Is it working for you?

Hi all! Just curious to hear if WW is working for you. I had some disappointment last summer with the program and I want to try again. What do you think? Worth it?

Weight Watchers
I just finished my first month on Weight Watchers. I even went over my splurge points by 40 last week and still managed to drop 3.6 lbs. I am so impressed with all of this. I have lost almost 7.8 lbs in total the first month and I didn't work out or stick to it perfectly, though even when I went over I still tracked. I feel so inspired. I really want to connect with other members and have a support group kind of thing going on. If anyone wants to read my weekly updates, you can see my blog at http://thechubbytemptress.wordpress.com/ (but don't feel pressured to of course!)

Any words of encouragement for the day?

Blah days
I suffer from anxiety.. So there are days when I am so blah I don't feel good enough to do things. Therefore working out has not been on my To-do list for these past days.. -__-

But I have not gained weight.
Cw: 151.4
body fat went down i'm at 28.2

forgive my rambleCollapse )

last nights dinner
spaghetti squash

Nom nom !

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Parmesan

New Here!

Sort of! I've been watching the community for a while and have been on and off WW since I was around 15. However, I just rejoined the program on 3/2/13. I'm not going to meetings or following online, I've got an app on my phone that has all the tools that I have been using!! So now for my stats!!

Height: 5'2"

SW (3/2/13): 301.4

CW (as of my sunday weigh in): 292.6

Goal Weight: Right now I have small goals. Lose 10, 20,30, etc pounds. Ultimately I would love to get down to around 140 pounds.

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