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i bet you love this, don't you

ok i gotta say something before you read, i noticed that i have to be 15...myself am 14...and if you dont accept this it wont ruin my day, carry on!

:: Application ::

Name: Kristen "Short Stop" Klempa
Location: Woburn, MA
Age: 14
Sex: girl
Pierced? yes, 8 gauges but planning to have 4 gauges soon
Tattooed? not yet!

Favorite Bands: Alexisonfire (i JUST saw them tonight!! amazing!), Atreyu, Eighteen Visions, hatebreed, spineshank, and old Slipknot (but i'm KINDA getting sick of them lately)
Favorite Movies: The Breakfast Club, Fight Club, and SLC Punk!
Favorite Books: A Child Called It, Define "Normal", and Of Mice and Men
Favorite Color: blue and black
Favorite Shirt: my "I <3 Nerds" shirt

What is your personallity like: well i'm outgoing and very random...but people say i'm annoying alot and i'm a VERY loud talker...
What is your style like: i'm always in jeans and i LOVE shirt with sayings on it, i love bands shirts too
What makes you cool: well i'm friendly and even if i dont really like the person, i can at least agree on one thing and talk nice to them
Why do you think you're hot: everyone says i am, but i really dont think so :-/ i dont know, but in a way i'm kinda glad of the way i look
Why should we accept you: cause the communitys i'm in are either inactive or arent really interested anymore, and i just wanna make new LJ friends :-)
Where did you find us: search
Who did you promote to: (my journal

Views on..
Animal Rights: i am a vegitarian (sp?). some people view my vegitatian-ness different ways, cause i'm also allegric (sp?) but i hate to think about even eatting a poor animal. i'm a HUGE animal lover <3
Straight edge: well one of my best friends is sXe and i dont mind it at all. i think its smart that she doesnt want to mess up her life like i did mine :-/ sometimes i wish i was sXe
Dancing: love it. i danced for a year, not very long but it was sooo much fun. i liked it and kinda miss it.
The 'scene': well i dont know about this questions, but that doesnt mean i'ma skip it. well i kinda hang out with 'scene' kids if you will...i hang out with preps, juggalos, goths, punks, nerds, hardcore kids, all kinds of people. i just think 'scene' people are cool i guess. i dont really know how to explain it cause i dont know much about the 'scene' but oh well at least i tryed :-p

Tell us something interesting about you: i cannot go without a day without eatting at least a cup of ice. no i dont mean sucking on ice for 20 minutes until it gets soft. i literally BITE threw that damn piece of ice. i love it :-DD

Now post at least 4 pictures of you. NO photoshoped pictures. One must clearly show your face and one should be a full lenght shot so we can see your style.

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