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March 1st, 2009

05:42 pm - Newly hatched Tama from Russia seeking to meet new friends

I was so excited to come across your community! Honestly, my excitement didn't rise out of the fact I'm a Tamagotchi fan (though I had a lot of fun caring for my digital friend in my teenage years :))))). It may be surprising for you to hear that I'm a freelance writer from Russia. I'm also a content manager of the first Russian Tamagotchi dedicated web-site. We are a start-up now and hope to grow and expand to reach every Russian Tama fan. Now it's an on-line store, but we are putting efforts into building a kind of Tamagotchi information desk where anyone interested could dive in and find something interesting and funny. I thought I could do a poll among Tama fans for our small study on which I’m going to base a full article with references to Tama communities. I build my hopes high upon this. The reason I'm doing this is that I’m overly and excitingly consumed with the job I do for our unfledged Tamagotchi community and all set to nurture it into – at least –  Mimitchi character :). Below is our brief poll for you. We are interested to meet Tama fans and to know them better.


a)      How and when did you become Tamagotchi fan?

b)      What was it that gripped you about Tama?

c)      Which Tama version do you like the most? Why?

d)      What is the most exciting thing about new Tamagotchi Connection for you?

e)      In your opinion, why earlier Tama versions became so popular? Why do we see Tama reviving now?

f)        What other features you’d like to see in next Tama versions?

g)      Do you think that Tama is better than playing video and computer games? Why?

h)      What other hobbies do you have?


Thanks for your answers and comments in advance!

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