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A safe space to share stories and ask questions

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This is a community for survivors of abuse and assault, or for those seeking the support or advice of survivors. We welcome survivors of all genders, orientations, races, ages, sizes, and cultures.

Your moderators are: briar_witch, and sweetgingertea. If you receive a request from one of the moderators, you are expected to fulfill that request as soon as possible.

Members and moderators are not and do not claim to be professional counselors of any kind, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Additionally, the interactions in this community are not meant to substitute for licensed therapy or medical advice.

We would like to extend a special thanks to sistahraven for her 5 dedicated years as a moderator!

1. This is a safe space for discussion and venting.

2. Please post triggering text, images, and/or videos behind an lj-cut. Please avoid the use of triggering user icons when posting or commenting. Click here for more details on this policy.

3. Reproducing someone's personal history/story without his/her permission--even if the post is not friends-locked and your reproduction isn't verbatim--is not accepted.

4. Please keep community promos to a minimum and promote only those communities that are related to survival and recovery.

5. Though we very much appreciate your efforts, please don't type out large portions of textbooks or other published works in your posts.

6. Hateful, harassing language will not be tolerated here.

7. Please do not delete the comments of other members or of any of the moderators. Moderators reserve the right to freeze and otherwise handle comments as appropriate. If you have a concern about a comment or thread, please let the moderators know.

Since we are one of the biggest and most active survivor groups on LiveJournal, we can sometimes be a magnet for trolls. To help prevent trolls on your own journal, we recommend you read this post for relevant tips.

E-mail: survivormod@gmail.com

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