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Log! [Apr. 20th, 2004|09:14 pm]


[mood |amusedamused]

Since we don't archive logs for Seattle, I thought it would be a fun way to jumpstart the community by posting one. ^^ Here's Hiroshi and Gabe, and they've started to go farther in their relationship. ^_^ They're in Hiro's room, by the way. ^^

Hiro: It might be fun to go out again sometime, maybe to a club...

Gabe: *grins evilly* Oh really?

Hiro: (blushes) I mean, if you think that'd be fun...

Gabe: Oh, I don't mind... but I'm more interested to know if you'll be having drinks if we do.

Hiro: (blushes deeper) I-It's embarrassing when I drink...

Gabe: *chuckles* But if you don't remember it, how can it be embarassing?

Hiro: Uh... that's part of it. And I've heard... stories.

Gabe: *curious* Stories??? What of?

Hiro: (blushes) You really want to know?

Gabe: Well, when you put it that way.. *pauses* of course!

Hiro: I, uh, once lost my shirt. My friends told me, um... that I took it off and gave it to a guy in the nightclub who I had danced with.

Gabe: *gapes* Really?

Hiro: (blushes; softly) Yes.

Gabe: ..now I'm jealous.

Hiro: (shyly unties the laces of his shirt and, before he can let Gabe respond, slips it off and holds it out to him, blushing)

Gabe: *holds onto the shirt, staring at Hiro* I.. well... I was just kinda kidding..

Hiro: (softly) You were?

Gabe: *faint smile* Yeah.. I was. *holds shirt back out* I don't want you to catch a cold....

Hiro: (blushes deeply, looking away) You can keep it...

Gabe: *inches closer* Then... can I keep you warm?

Hiro: (looks up and moves closer, nodding)

Gabe: *wraps his arms around Hiro's waist* So.. what else do you do when you're drunk? *smiles wistfully*

Hiro: (blushes) I've been told I show too much affection.

Gabe: But.. that's not a bad thing, is it?

Hiro: In Japan in public... it is.

Gabe: *kisses his cheek* But you're not in Japan anymore.

Hiro: (blushes; softly) No... (kisses Gabe gently on the lips)

Gabe: So that means? *leans over to plant a trail of kisses from the nape of Hiro's neck to his bare shoulder*

Hiro: (smiles) That I don't want you to stop. (shifts a little closer)

Gabe: Really? *nibbles on his earlobe lightly*

Hiro: (shivers, lightly running his fingers across Gabe's chest) Really.

Gabe: *whispers* okay.. *kisses Hiro deeply, entwining his fingers with Hiro's*

Hiro: (squeezes Gabe's hand gently, kissing back, his eyes closing)

Gabe: *traces the contours of Hiro's lips with his tongue*

Hiro: (parts his lips slightly, shifting his body closer to Gabe's)

Gabe: *explores with his tongue, his hand tracing lightly up to Hiro's arms*

Hiro: (blushes, brushing Gabe's tongue gently with his own, his fingers weaving in Gabe's hair)

Gabe: *takes Hiro into his arms, lays him down on his back, lips still locked to Hiro's*

Hiro: (slides his hand lightly down the side of Gabe's face, stroking the curve of his ear)

Gabe: *runs his hands down the contour of Hiro's body* I think you're beautiful.. *whispering*

Hiro: (blushes; whispers) I-I think you're beautiful, too. (holds one of Gabe's hands and brings his fingers to his lips, kissing them softly)

Gabe: *runs his free hand through Hiro's hair, leaning over to kiss the nape of the neck*

Hiro: Nnh... (tilts his head a little, his tongue licking at the fingers against his lips)

Gabe: *makes his way down and starts kissing his chest, playfully teasing his nipple with his lips*

Hiro: (purrs, releasing Gabe's hand slowly and fluttering his eyes shut)

Gabe: *uses free hand to trace the pelvic bone from the top of his pants*

Hiro: (gasps softly, his breathing a bit more shallow, and he traces his hands lightly over Gabe's back)

Gabe: *grins, captures Hiro's mouth with his and twists his tongue inside*

Hiro: (kisses back with tenuously contained enthusiasm, wrapping his arms around Gabe's neck and pulling him closer)

Gabe: *pulls back slightly, eyes gleaming* You know... this isn't fair...

Hiro: (blinks at Gabe innocently) Why?

Gabe: Well for one, I've seen you without your shirt on more times than you've seen me... *runs his hand over Hiro's bare chest*

Hiro: (smiles and slides his hands down and underneath Gabe's shirt, tugging it up) We could make it more fair...

Gabe: *laughs, tosses his shirt aside* We could... and secondly....

Hiro: Secondly?

Gabe: *licks his lips* You know damn well you're irresistable in these pants *runs his hands to squeeze his butt*

Hiro: (blushes darkly) I aim to please.

Gabe: *runs fingers down his inner thigh, pouting slightly* And then you walk around in these all day....

Hiro: (wets his lips) W-would you prefer if I didn't wear them?

Gabe: Oh.. I don't mind..... *grins devilishly* But right now I'm rather adverse to it. *undos the top button*

Hiro: (breathes heavily, trembling just a little involuntarily)

Gabe: What do you think? *pressing his hands lightly on his pelvis*

Hiro: A-About my pants? (blushes)

Gabe: *nods, tracing a finger on the zipper*

Hiro: (uncertainly, breathily) I-I... it's... okay.

Gabe: *crawls his way back up to meet Hiro eye to eye, their faces barely an inch away* Really? *kisses the side of his mouth*

Hiro: (tries not to melt) I.... I'm not sure. I-I'm sorry I just... don't know.

Gabe: *pulls back, lays down beside him* No? *sighs lightly*

Hiro: (slightly panicky) Part of me is telling me yes and part of me is telling me no and I just... I'm sorry.

Gabe: *smiles* it's fine *caresses the side of his face*

Hiro: (kisses Gabe) Thank you....

Gabe: I'm not lying, you know... *takes Hiro's hands into his, tracing circles into the palm*

Hiro: (smiles) Someday soon. (blushes) I-I didn't realize you felt like this about... uh.. you know...

Gabe: About? *eyes him curiously*

Hiro: W-Well... my... uh... pants...

Gabe: Oh. *grins* Those tight pants of yours?

Hiro: (blushes and kisses Gabe, pressing in close) Maybe... the next time I wear them... (traces his fingers along Gabe's arm) you could take them off?

Gabe: I'll remember that. *smiles*

Hiro: But only if we play fair. (smiles)

Gabe: That can be arranged. So does that mean I have to be wearing tight pants too?

Hiro: (nods) Those ones I gave you are kind of tight...

Gabe: *looks innocent* Oh really? But...

Hiro: But?

Gabe: You'd look better in them.

Hiro: But I want to see you in them...

Gabe: *smiles* Alright... I'll wear them for you if you want..

Hiro: (smiles and kisses Gabe)

Gabe: *reaches over and pulls Hiro in* Do I get to keep your shirt?

Hiro: I gave it to you. (cuddles a little against Gabe, sighing happily)

Gabe: You could keep mine if you want... If you can find it. *tries to peer over at the floor*

Hiro: (giggles) Thank you. Mm.. you're so warm.

Gabe: Mm.. *quietly* Hey...

Hiro: (softly) What is it?

Gabe: Would you mind if... well, I stayed here tonight?

Hiro: (blushes) I'd love it if you did.

Gabe: Really?? *smiles faintly*

Hiro: (kisses Gabe's collarbone softly) Really.

Gabe: Thank you... *snuggles closer to Hiro*

Hiro: (snuggles Gabe, sighing blissfully)

[The end~]

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