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past/ present/ future

Side A

- The Sugarcubes: Motorcrash
it used to be all about björk

- Screamin' Stukas: A Lotta Rhythm
A Finnish band, also known as "Tehosekoitin". Used to be my favourite band years and years ago. Been a big part of my life from the age of um.. 12 to 17 I think. They mostly did lyrics in Finnish thou. Anyway, amusing tiny boys.

- Varjo: Korvaamaton
Another finnish band. The language in this might sound a bit odd to most of you, but I like this. I still can smell the summer rain every time I listen to this.. And recall the teenage angst.

- Turun Romantiikka: Suomen Oopiumi
What's up with me and finnish bands? Yet another one. Some call this the finnish manics but I don't know about that.. But if you want to think like that then this song would be their "you love us", I think.

Side B

- Pixies: Alec
pixies pixies pixies, you got to love the pixies

- Kwan: Microphoneaye
Bear with me on this one. It's not to type I usually go with but I'm drawn to this. They're brilliant live, they seem like nice people and I don't care how much people roll their eyes at me when I tell that it's one of my favourites.

The Tears: Break Away
I don't know what to say about this. High hopes..

- The Unisex: Pigs And Their Farms
I've only heard a few songs from these guys but this song once haunted me for weeks.

You can only shove so few songs on 30 minutes so I decided to leave the obvious ones outside ( manics, suede, placebo, smiths etc..)
I hope you like at least some of these..
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