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Name: Cammie
Age: 18
Location: Denmark

The rest are really silly for me to answer because I do not actually play the piano. I learned to play chords only two weeks ago and that's actually quite an accomplishment for me, since I've always sworn I'd never ever learn to do ANYTHING at a piano (my hand to hand coordination is awful!). I practice on my parents' 14-year-old keyboard and it's good enough for me.

I've sung in different choirs since I was 7 and now I work in a church choir. Learning to play chords is for me mainly a step in my further education as a singer: it helps me perform much better, since a song is always better with music to it.

I do, however, like classical music, especially piano, organ and violin. I don't have any favourite composers as such, though I do enjoy Bach, Vivaldi and romantic music in general.

I find chords on the net and I'm making a small collection, trying to learn them. I haven't learned many yet, only about four, but since I hadn't even touched a piano until fifteen days ago, I'm quite happy with that :D

Anyone who knows where I can find the chords to A Fine Frenzy's "The Well"?  
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