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dont feel alone

well i was born in a wonderful country named whole life was there and i loved being there but wheni turned 12 the worst mistake that my mom made was move to Texas and let me tell you i was very pissed at her.but the longest time i didnt even talk to her.but then when i turned 14 we moved to South Carloina and that was a bigget mistake people picked on me because i didnt know english all that good and just the i look and acted.but when after that place when i was 15 we moved to New York and this is were i am and let me tell you people MOVE MOVE while you can because the United States is a hell hole.europe is so nice and purdy and very awesome and there are actually things to do.well then other sittting at home on the computer.but i think that my mom is thinking about moving back to germany and let me tell you i would be so happy.and oh im goin to germany for 2 months and im taking what little friends that i have too.
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