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This is a Magickal group mainly for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Pagans, of ALL ages, but all are welcome, regardless of your religion, sexuality, etc.

fill out this form and post it in your first entry, as well as anything else about you

Name -
Magickal Name -
Age -
Gender -
Sexuality -
Path -
God/desses You Feel Closest To -
Been Pagan for -
Are there any Pagans in the family besides you -
Picture (optional) -


- Respect others and their viewpoints, beliefs, etc.
- Other than that, there are really no rules, but if we (mods) think you are being inappropriate, you will get a warning stating what the problem is. If it is continued, you will be banned from this community.



*If you would like to be a affiliate, contact me, ellunea, at kaldorei629@hotmail.com (msn) or kaldorei629 (aim)

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