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Jun. 17th, 2009


New Half Blood Prince Posters Featuring Rupert Grint

2199z7d June 17, 2009, 8:31 AM--Two new movie posters for Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince have been released by WarnerBrosUK featuring Rupert Grint and his two leading ladies Emma Watson and Jessie Cave. These two posters are a wish come true for many fans since they focus on the love triangle between Ron, Hermione and Lavender. The first poster shows Hermione in the background with a snugly Ron and Lavender behind her. The second features a proud Ron decked out in his Quidditch gear with a swooning Lavender on his arm and a forlorn Hermione in the background.

You can view both posters in our gallery here and here.

Thanks to Masha for the tip!

UPDATE: There is a new interview published online with Steve Kloves. While the interview mainly focuses on his career, he does mention that Rupert is great in Half Blood Prince and that he enjoyed seeing Ron navigate his first girlfriend. LATimesBlogs.