kittykatlucky13 (kittykatlucky13) wrote in _gossip_girls,
Name: Elizabeth
Location: Philly
Promote us to 2, user= bcmsgossip
Store: Nordstrom
Actor//Actress:Reese Witherspoon, Rupert Grint
Movie:Mean Girls
Book:Gossip Girl, and Harry Potter
Sport:Dance, or maybe baseball
Color:PINK!!!! Or anything sparkly really.
Singer//Bands: Usher
//Either or\\
Britney//Christina:Britney, she's less of a slut
Skirt//Shorts:skirts are cuter
Louis Vuttion//Coach:Coach, obsessed with their handbags
Flip Flop//Boot:flip flops
What can you bring to this community?:gossip, and a sense of fun! yay! and sparkles!
Which Gossip Girls character are you most like and why?: blair, beccause i can be really mean at times
What are your opinion on:
Abortion if you must
Gay Marriage they have rights, too
Obesity diet and exercise
What is your best physical trait?: according to my mates, my hair. long, brown and curly
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