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Sep. 29th, 2006


This for you...

Clare you should watch this 'cause there's a chick named Clare and she gets hit on by Dan Rad. (That was so lazy Dan Rad.)

My Heroes:

That's all folks

Sep. 28th, 2006



(no subject)

Not that anyone is going to look at this, but:

Two British electronic-music girls screaming at each other. :O

Sep. 27th, 2006


(no subject)

haha.! iike commenting here. haha. bye.

Sep. 9th, 2006





Watch it, watch it now!

Aug. 4th, 2006

[ #06 ] teddie


(no subject)

Martha Stewart has a cat named Sirius. A cat.

In case anyone cares.


Jul. 21st, 2006



Krishli and I have a great concept for a children's show it's called:

Workin' Out With Glucose

It's going to be awesome. It is set in an elevator and on each floor we'll meet our amazing friends. On the first floor you have Niki and her dogs and she'll teach you about proper pet care. Then on the next floor you have fashion with Sabrina where she'll teach the kids on how to have the perfect look for day (I guess). On the third floor you have story time with Julie where she'll read you a story. On the next floor you'll have Kim's corner where Kim will answer questions an help the kids solve their problems. The on the next floor there'll be art with Alex where she teaches art but first she's gonna draw it really fast then we'll put it in slow-mo so the kids will understand. Then on the sixth floor it will be prayer time with Clare where she teaches us about religion.
After that the next floor will feature Math with Cecelia. The next floor will be called Erika's Dance Grooves where she teaches the kids a daily dance she makes up. And you'll have music appreciation with Krishli. And then I'll do something and when we get to the top we'll have a big party with all of our friends and we'll sing our theme song.

We'll all wear jumpsuits and space boots. J. Aiken will be our first guest star as Capt. Tempest and KFC will pop up randomly and be in the background and if the kids find her they'll get a prize..kinda like "Where's Waldo" but with KFC. Oh It'll be on a public access channel or UPN.

You can tell today was slow day in the hospital. Erika's in south central. How'd she get there is beside me. I'm leaving for Haiti tomorrow so see ya'll in August.

Apr. 21st, 2006

Maximum Logic


(no subject)

Soooooooooooo. I'm now entered in the Revlon Run/Walk to raise money for breast cancer, and I need pledges. So if you can, anything helps. You don't have to or anything, I won't hate you if you don't. Much, anyway. That's it. Me begging for money.

Apr. 14th, 2006



Chick Tracts on CRACK.


YESSSS crazy fundies just in time for Easter. <3 It's like Jack Chick (spelling?) comics, but in badly drawn manga-style/format (it's funny because manga is OBVIOUSLY something these people would be opposed to). And in TeChNiCoLoR :D. I'm just pissed that they haven't got ones telling about how all Catholics will go to hell and stuff, those are the most fun. T_T

However I must support their opposition to green-haired blue-skinned clawed Yu-Gi-Oh!-villain-resembling death rockers from the 80s. D: THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

Mar. 18th, 2006

[ #06 ] teddie


I love the chem textbook.

Acids have a sour taste, whereas bases have a bitter taste. *
*Tasting chemical solutions is generally not a good practice.

Jan. 21st, 2006



The Chronic of Narnia

By Saturday Night Live. Best rap I've ever seen, hands down.

The Chronic (WHAT?!) cles of Narnia!

"Call me Aaron Burr the way I'm droppin' those Hamiltons!"

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