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Jonathan Dos Santos, Marco Fabian, Cortés, Vidrio, Cabrera, Sánchez and Nestor Calderon  have been sent home for receiving prostitutes in their hotel rooms.
The 7 players are suspended for 6 months and have to pay a $5000 fine.

a little background in case you missed the drama on twitter:

Mexico players allegedly let prostitutes enter their rooms

Jonathan Dos Santos is rumored to be among the players involved.. Photo: Mexsport

Jonathan Dos Santos is rumored to be among the players involved.
Photo: Mexsport

The manager of Hotel Quito in Ecuador told ESPN that they have videos showing women entering the rooms of some Mexican players.

"We have videos of females visiting (at least three), entering with the baggage of the team into the area of the players' bedroom," claimed Roberto Ramia.

"In one of the rooms, the National Police found a garbage can with the keys to five of the rooms (they used) and used condoms were also found," Ramia alleged in the program Los Capitanes.

The manager claimed that the keys and condoms were found in room 109, which was used by Nestor Vidrio and Jonathan dos Santos.

This version of events seems to reinforce the theory that the people who robbed players of the Mexican team in Ecuador were able to get the room keys from four prostitutes who allegedly entered the hotel with the players.

On Saturday, computers, iPads, cellphones, documents, and cash were stolen from the rooms of Mexican players in the hotel.

In the same radio show, Mexico manager Jose Manuel de la Torre basically washed his hands of the situation, saying that Luis Fernando Tena is the manager responsible for the under-22 team that will compete in the Copa America.

Barça B - Granada

ummmm hi! I think this is my first post here, be nice to me. I was in Barcelona last week (I know, my life is cooler than yours) and I went to see the babies play! (btw if you are ever in Barcelona and the B team is playing at the Miniestadi, GO, the tickets are only 8-15 euros and the bbs need your support too!) my comprehension of what went on was pretty limited since (a) it was my first live match and (b) I was sitting on the lower level in the corner and thus could only see about a quarter of the pitch, but I will attempt to contextualize my pictures as best I can. but first, a picture which requires no context at all.


Jona Dos Santos and his ass invite you in...Collapse )






(Guys, I'm honeslty sorry for the lateness, I lost the post several times & had to redo it, hope no one minds!)


Right guys this is BOJAN, you know him, some stuff is prob not safe for work! Enjoy :DCollapse )

Sources: Wikipedia

& of course, kitty69lover  who provided me with a generous selection from her very substantial stash of Bojan photos, thanks babe!


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