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Really Big Icon Dump

I have a tendency to make large sets of icons (like, entire seasons worth) and either forget or be unmotivated to post them to communities. The last time I think I posted to comms was some time in May, and I have made a lot of icons since then, with subjects from live action films, TV, and animation. For the past couple of months (off and on) I've been trying to compile a Master List of icon posts. A complete list of subjects are under the cut. MOST of the animated film icons are new, and there are a ton of them. Posts contain an average of 160 icons apiece.

subject listingCollapse )

If you want to snag from more than one post, feel free to just leave a comment here. Comments are appreciated and encourage new goodies in particular fandoms; credit helps others to know where to find the stuff.

LinksCollapse )

CreditsCollapse )

My complete resource list including image credits can be found here

Yes, these can be used as bases. However, I am more than willing to add text to an icon for someone if they don't have adequate knowledge of graphic art to do so. Please just ask, and always feel free to show me what you've done.
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