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love is where they are.

!animated icons, !animiated sidebars, !icons, actress→ jennifer aniston, actress→blake lively, actress→emma watson, actress→nina dobrev, actress→sandra bullock, actress→taylor momsen, disney→aladdin, disney→beauty and the beast, disney→monsters inc., disney→oliver and company, disney→poohs heffalump halloween, disney→princess stories, disney→the princess and the frog, disney→tinkerbell, disney→winnie the pooh, keep calm→icons, movie→eclipse, movie→its the great pumpkin, movie→practical magic, movie→the swan princess, seasonal→halloween, tv show→ pretty little liars, tv show→90210, tv show→fringe, tv show→hellcats, tv show→sonny with a chance, tv show→supernatual, tv show→the vampire diaries, tv show→veronica mars

find them all here at my journal! colormeelectric
Tags: actors, actresses, cartoons, celebrities, movie: beauty and the beast, movie: twilight, tv: 90210, tv: gossip girl, tv: the vampire diaries
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