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23 August 2013 @ 03:05 am
News that's popped up recently involves Canana Films, the company Diego and Gael run together.

According to Variety, a new financing company, Mundial, has teamed with Canana and Stuart Ford’s IM Global and has entered Brazil. It has the world sales rights for A Wolf at the Door, a drama-thriller by Fernando Coimbra, which premieres at Toronto next month.

Mundial is only almost nine (9) months old and among its seven (7) films to date is Canana-produced film, Paraiso, a follow-up by (Mexican) Mariana Chenillo's film, Nora's Will.

Remember Diego was cast in Elysium? Quick refresher: Elysium is by director Neill Blomkamp, is a sci-fi action-thriller and stars Matt Damon as its main man. Caught up?


So, Elysium is out and its stars are doing press --- which also includes Diego! Here's a list of all those outlets doing interviews with Diego: And he was mentioned at the Salt Lake Tribune (it can be read at the Washington Post as well; Latinos Post has the interview while Latina has him teaching Conan a few Spanish words as does the Huffington Post) for being on Conan O'Brien during Elysium press duties: do you think he was being funny?

According to KFGO, Elysium is doing awesome at the box office (there's a picture of Diego with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster).

Diego's also receiving a Hispanic Heritage Award! Folks letting us know: Plus Diego's been talking about his film, Chavez, with the Huffington Post (there's video).
01 November 2012 @ 03:28 am
Film News UK has a competition for a Casa de mi Padre DVD (check in for details) and the Playlist talks about Diego going to star, produce and direct an adaptation of Travesuras de la niña mala by Mario Vargas Llosa.

Diego’s also mentioned in an article at the Inquirer, for Chavez. Diego was also mentioned in a video regarding Libro Hermosillo 2012; the video is in Spanish.

Apple and the Movie Box have a trailer for Hecho en México that Diego was involved with; it’s a film that captures Mexico and its rich diversity. There’s some Diego (at least a glimpse) in the trailer!

Last but not least: Ambulante!

According to Variety, Ambulante is talked about as being a home for documentaries! From the article:
Ambulante seeks out alternative venues, often deep in more rural Mexico, providing citizens with tools to run their edition as semi-independent cells, encouraging a uniquely local feel. It remains tight with Morelia, sharing staff and a similar mission, per Fortes.
20 June 2012 @ 12:02 am
Canana Films has inked a distribution deal with Engine Latino for two series; that’s right: two TV shows!

Getty Images have a video of Camila and Diego arriving at a Casa de mi Padre premiere and the Playlist has a synopsis for Elysium; you know, that Neill Blomkamp movie Diego’s in?

And Guanabee is saying that Diego and Gael are Calle 3 groupies; after all, they were seen backstage at a recent Calle 13 concert and Diego did direct their music video, El Baile De Los Pobres.
30 May 2012 @ 12:22 am
Canana has been busy at Cannes according to Variety.

What have they done?

Canana (a company headed by Diego, Gael, Pablo Cruz and Julian Levin) scooped up films such as Gael’s No, The Hunt and A Glimpse Into the Mind of Charles Swan III (they also co-produced No).

Sound interesting? You bet! However, these films have been purchased by Canana for the Central American market. According to Levin, thanks to Variety:
"When we noticed our films staying at the Mexican box office for more than a year at a time, we knew it was time to expand," said Levin.

"Central America is accustomed to big-budget commercial cinema and very few local productions: We're happy to be shaking up the mix."
09 May 2012 @ 01:23 am
There’s been some big Chavez news this week: Diego’s added to the cast!

According to Cinema Blend, the Film Stage, the Playlist, the Chicago Tribune and Bang Style, Wes Bentley has been added to the cast of Chavez. Also according to all these sources, Michael Cudlitz, Jacob Vargas, Yancey Arias and Mark Moses have also joined the cast. Michael Peña will be Chavez. Canana Films will be producing the film alongside John Malkovich, Lianne Halfon and Russell Smith’s company, Mr. Mudd. Keir Pearson will be doing the script.

According to Variety, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune, Chavez has already begun filming in Sonora, Mexico.

Now, down to business.

The Huffington Post, Latina and the Latin American Herald Tribune have reported that Diego, along with many others, has been nominated for Best Latino Actor at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, which will be held June 3. According to the Latin American Herald Tribune:
The winner will be announced on Tr3s on June 10 on the rebroadcast subtitled in Spanish of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards that MTV will broadcast live on June 3.
Voting for the Best Latino Actor can be done until June 2 at movieawards.tr3s.com.

Let’s get to voting!
Yahoo! News has an article (in Spanish) about Gael and Diego starring in Casa de mi Padre.

Next Movie has an interview with Génesis Rodriguez who co-stars in Casa de mi Padre What did she have to say about Diego and Gael?
Who is your dream love interest on-screen? Seeing Diego and Gael back on-screen together again --
They're foxy, foxy guys.
Agree? Disagree? Let us know below!

Collider also has an interview with Génesis; the brief snatch of article before the video mentions Gael and Diego. Philly.com has an article about Casa de mi Padre! From the article:
"I sat down with him, the writer, and the director and they pitched me the idea," remembers Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama También). Luna was to play Ferrell's character's "bad seed" brother. "I said, 'This will be in Spanish? Really? How is your Spanish?' And Will said two words, and I thought 'No way this will work. It will be a disaster.' But a month later, he came back fluent. He just knew his lines in Spanish, but the accent, the inflection, very impressive."
JoBlo also has an interview with Diego about Casa de mi Padre (Kansas City also has the article).

Yahoo! News Canada has an interview with Diego! From the interview:
And you always have a drink in your hand.
I remember in the gunfight, I said to [director Matt Piedmont], “When I hide behind my car, there should be a whiskey waiting for me.” And he went for it, and in fact there was this red carpet with different kinds of whiskeys, cigarettes and guns waiting for me. Just from nowhere, suddenly there was this minibar waiting for me.
We can also see Diego speaking about Casa de mi Padre immediately below:
Diego speaking about ‘Casa de mi Padre’; video in Spanish.Collapse )

Wanna see a glimpse of the film? The Associated Press has a interview with Will Ferrell on video! Gael can be seen in the first few seconds while Diego also speaks in the video:
Will Ferrell"s Pitch Perfect SpanishCollapse )

Worst Previews, Reelz and Digital Spy have a new clip from the film; Gael and Diego are mentioned in the article accompanying the video.

We Are Movie Geeks are running a competition to go see Casa de mi Padre in LA; check the site for more details and Hollywood Outbreak has an article about Génesis Rodriguez having to choose a butt double; Gael and Diego are mentioned as starring in the film.

Last but not least on the Casa de mi Padre news front are two more videos; the first is simply Diego and the last has Diego and Gael.
Diego Luna had the freedom to be stupid in "Casa de mi Padre"Collapse )


Onto some non Casa de mi Padre news:
Variety tells of Canana Films buying a zombie film, Juan of the Dead; the film will be released through Tangente, a genre label of Canana Films.

In the Works, Hispanically Speaking, This Is Fake DIY, the Press Association, Film School Rejects, Digital Spy, movies.ie, the Film Stage, /film, the Playlist, Starpulse, Collider, Variety are letting everyone know that Michael Peña will play Cesar E. Chavez in Diego’s film, Chavez that he’ll be directing.
07 March 2012 @ 01:09 am
OK magazine US has some photos of Diego with Will Ferrell and Genesis Rodriguez from February 29 when they were in Miami, Florida, for an advanced screening of Casa de mi Padre at the South Beach Comedy Festival.

There was also a video of Will Ferrell and Diego speaking of Casa de mi Padre! Check it out below (it can also be found at Katel Media):
Will Ferrell and Diego Luna Talk Casa De Mi PadreCollapse )

And let’s not forget that we can see a clip from Casa de mi Padre, courtesy of IGN.
Casa De Mi Padre - The Toast Clip Collapse )

While still talking about Casa de mi Padre, Univision has a video with Will Ferrell and Diego; Yahoo! Sports also has an article about this, with a picture that includes Diego.

And while on the Casa de mi Padre promotional trail, Diego + Ryan SeacrestCollapse )

According to Variety, Gael’s going to produce the follow up to Leap Year from Michael Rowe; Diego will executively produce. The project is entitled Napa and is about a 6 year old living in the aftermath of her parents’ divorce. According to the article, Gael had this to say:
"Michael is a very talented director with a personal and awe-inspiring voice," Garcia Bernal said. "He takes us to the eeriest corners of the human being. It is an extraordinary opportunity for Canana to be able to work hand-in-hand with him."
The Playlist and Movies with Butter (the latter linking back to the Playlist) also let us know.

Filming on Napa is expected to begin in June.

Would you like a glimpse of Jeronimo? Well, check out this video from CamilaSodiOnline:
Diego Luna y Jeronimo en Festival Ambulante en la USC LACollapse )

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Miss Bala, produced by Diego and Gael (as well as Pablo Cruz), topped the Tucson Cine Mexico, a film festival that celebrates Mexico.
29 February 2012 @ 02:12 am
Collider has some Casa de mi Padre goodies! First, a 15 minute ‘making of’ featurette. Second? 14 clips from the movie - that’s almost 9 minutes of footage!

Check it out!

Variety has a couple of articles. The first is about Mexican productions targeting US audiences, the second is how crossing over into Hollywood is not easy and the third is about Canana Films acquiring Pina and Lazhar at the Berlinale.
15 February 2012 @ 01:18 am
Hey You Guys UK have a teaser trailer and the UK poster for Casa de mi Padre. Entertainment Weekly have a preview (a quick synopsis of the film), as does Film Equals, and Austin 360 mentions Diego and Gael being in the film in an article about Will Ferrell spoofing telenovelas in Casa de mi Padre. CSPnet.com also mentions the boys starring in the film in an article about ‘Scorpion Beer’.

And over at indieWIRE, Anthony Kaufman’s Reelpolitik has an article about how Gael and Diego are attacking social issues with genre fare. From the article:
Canana producer Pablo Cruz told Variety: "Genre allows you a freedom that you don't get when you are telling a story of a country in poverty or the mountain life of two kids."
08 February 2012 @ 12:11 am
At Guanabee, Canana Films is working on a film about a performer who gets blackmailed by the mafia; the lead role is being offered to Alejandro Fernandez. Also, Univision has an article about a group of Mexican actors seeking empathy for drug war victims. Amongst those involved? Diego.

The campaign is called En los Zapatos del Otro (trans.: In Someone Else’s Shoes) and is a group of video and radio advertisements where professional actors narrate, in the first person, accounts of drug war victims. From the article:
The campaign, called En los Zapatos del Otro or “In Someone Else’s Shoes,” exposes Mexicans to video and radio ads in which professional actors, speaking in the first person, narrate the chilling testimonies of Mexico’s drug war victims and also talk about what the victims feel when they are in a march, seeking justice from government authorities.

In Mexico, where the general population has become somewhat desensitized to regular news of beheadings, murders, and shootings, and where activists accuse the government of ignoring victims or labeling some of them as mere criminals, the campaign is one of several ongoing efforts that seeks to generate solidarity between drug war victims and the general population.