Sengoku Kiyosumi (luckysengoku) wrote in _deuce_,

On Saturday? Before the attack of the Hiyoshi? Damn you, Sengoku, you're too social!

Summary: Sakuno brings Sengoku a birthday present and receives a kiss and a walk home.

Good lord, he's corrupting the innocent again!Collapse )

Summary: Sometime later in the day, Sengoku ends up at the street courts where he attempts to perfect his rail trick to absolutely no success and plays a round of tennis with Jin. Then there is more rail hopping as well as Jin pestering. What would we do without Jin pestering?

Another attempt at Yamabuki angst that fell flat ... what are we gonn do with these boys?Collapse )
Tags: interschool - seigaku/yamabuki, seigaku - ryuuzaki sakuno, yamabuki, yamabuki - akutsu jin, yamabuki - sengoku kiyosumi
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