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On Saturday night.... [Nov. 29th, 2003|09:26 pm]
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Summary: Sengoku drops flowers off at Ohtori's dorm room. There he meets and flirts with Hiyoshi before the mushroom sweetie-pie of Hyotei shuts the window on him. I think this makes the third time somone's shut something on him? Go for the record, Sen!

::it's a darkening evening at the Hyotei dorms and the sky is starting to fill with clouds:: :;all is quiet and pleasant since everyone is out doing things on this weekend evening::

::all is quiet, that is, until there's a knock at the window of Hiyoshi's and Ohtori's dorm::

::Hiyoshi was borrowing Ohtori's desk, working on the homework for the weekend when the knock comes. Seeing as this is only his third night here, he has no idea where the knock is coming from.:: *looks up* ?

::it taps a merry tune on the glass::

::He turns to look at the window as it rattles to the tune, rather suprised. Walking over, he pulls up the blinds to reveal an unfamiliar face. He frowns questioningly at said face::

Sengoku: ::his face is plastered to the window, same as his hands, making a rather amusing picture pf squashed human:: ::at Hiyoshi's appearance he pulls back to wave at him, pausing in that only to hold up an arrangement of flowers and smile in an engaging manner::

::What is this guy doing? Did this happen to Ohtori often?:: ::Hiyoshi, being unused to having random people popping up at his window, expecially with flowers, simply lets the blinds drop after giving the red-head a look that said 'leave'::

Sengoku: ::rubs his chin thoughtfully at this and then begins knocking on the window again::

Hiyoshi: .... ::He contemplates ignoring the boy for a moment before deciding the knocking was annoying and gets up again, pulling up the blinds.:: ::Eyes narrowed, he stares at him, waiting for him to say something.::

Sengoku: ::points at the flowers again and yells loud enough for Hiyoshi to hear through the glass:: This is for Ohtori! ::twists the card on the flowers around to hold up for Hiyoshi to read -- it clearly indicates the flowers are a condolance on the loss of his loved one::

Hiyoshi: .... ::Oh, so he was a friend of Ohtori. He opens the window and holds out his hands for the flowers.::

Sengoku: ::smiles and hands the flowers to Hiyoshi:: Hi! You must be Hiyoshi! ::tilts his head at the other boy, grinning::

Hiyoshi: ::blinks, suprised:: Yes.. ::Had he met him before? He didn't recall ever meeting him. ....Had Ohtori mentioned that someone might come over while he was gone? ..no, all he got in the morning had been a note saying Ohtori would be gone for the weekend.:: ...you are?

Sengoku: I'm Sengoku Kiyosumi. It's nice to meet you!

Hiyoshi: Aa. Hiyoshi Wakashi.. ::The introduction is automatic, unnesessary, since Sen already knows his name. He probably knows if from the tournament. Sengoku, he realizes, is a Yamabuki regular.:: ::He eyes the flowers in his hand.:: ...I'll make sure Ohtori gets these.. ::Although he's not quite sure how to keep them from wilting before tomorrow.::

Sengoku: Thank you! ::leans forward to peer inside the room::

Sengoku: ::tilts to peer back up at Hiyoshi and grin:: Heh ... I guess Ohtori finally got a cuter roommate.

Hiyoshi: ........... ::Well he paused in midstep towards Ohtori's bed, where he was going to place the flowers. I guess that counts a a reaction....::

Hiyoshi: ::oh, and he might be starting to blush, but nobody knows that.::

Sengoku: ::elbows on the window sill, head resting in hands, grinning insufferably:: Neh, want to play tennis with me sometime?

Hiyoshi: ::eyes Sengoku rather warily.:: ...No thanks ::He'd like to close the window sometime soon. It is rather cold and all.::

Sengoku: ::leans back, hands behind his head:: Awww, you sure? ::waggles eyebrows:: I bet you have a wicked serve~

Hiyoshi: ::...Close the window he shall. Walks over and slams the window close, dropping the blinds back down.:: ..... ::Ohtori has weird friends. He hopes this doesn't happen often.::

Sengoku: ::sweatdrops at the closed window:: Just making friendly conversation ...

Sengoku: ::grins and shrugs, heading back home, whistling a merry little tune::


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