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On Saturday, the meeting of the latest and greatest of all three-som -- I mean, alliances in RP history, I present to you The Flaming Tennis Balls .... I mean Oh-Sen-Ka. Seriously, we'll think up a better name. [Nov. 23rd, 2003|01:43 pm]
Match Point RP Logs


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Summary: Ohtori arrives Sengoku's house and they sit on the porch to chat about their families, the meaning of life, love, and the squealing over Shishido as they wait for their next victim team member. Kamio enters stage left and nearly exits stage right at the sight of Sengoku. Thankfully, the two of them manage to convince Kamio that porn team work is really in his best interest. After a brief internal house shuffle, the three make it to their love nest the back court and start their practice. In the Kamio vs. Sengoku we are treated to the perfected form of the move Sengoku used with Atobe. After this match there is a lover's quarrel argument and Kamio must be dragged back into a match with Ohtori, where Ohtori's new shot is revealed. This shot them kills maims horribly disfigures eunuch-fy cripples causes incredible physical agony nearly kills Kamio and the slowest ambulance in history must be called to his rescue. End the first and hopefully not last meeting of the three-some speedster alliance.

Why yes, I don't like summary and seek to entertain myself while involved in doing it. How can you tell?

( We hereby declare this Kamio in the name of Spain!)

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