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On Friday, due to a bit of mistaken scheduling, Atobe and Sengoku battle it out for the second time [Nov. 23rd, 2003|01:28 pm]
Match Point RP Logs


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Summary: Atobe and Sengoku meet at the street courts to once more have at each other in a non-sexual context. In the course of this battle, Sengoku perfects a new shot and continues in his ambition to seal Atobe's Rondo to Destruction. After failing spectacularly in this by almost killing a bystander, Atobe, of course, wins the match. Who can ever doubt Atobe's prowess? Jirou appears and there is DEEP DISCUSSION on the nature of what type of leash to use on Atobe. What follows is Sengoku's supposed exit and the leaving of the lovers. In the midst of all this mush, Sengoku returns only to drop a live frog down Atobe's back. The Atobe is not pleased. Not pleased at all. But never fear, for no frogs were actually harmed in the making of this RP. Oh yes, and be warned, there is much tennis in this RP and not all that much else.

(Atobe vs. Sengoku Take II)

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