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[RP Log: Yuki, Nanjirou] [Oct. 16th, 2003|10:28 am]
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Nanjirou:*Nanjirou is a bit unworried about Ryoma's disappearance, and has had a 'talk' with his wife which, pretty much, amounted to 'I've been friends with this lady to torment our children'...seeing as how he feels bad, he has decided to give Yuki a call.*

Yuki: *phone rings, jarring her awake. Rather than answer she lifts the receiver and drops it back down*

Yuki: *puts a pillow over her head*

Nanjirou:*...Tries dialing again. Grumbles, because his niece and wife are both staring at him, wanting him to apologize.* Don't you two have anything better to do?! *Turns around and dials again, the two of them giggling at each other*

Yuki: *knows that whomever is calling is going to do so until someone answers, assumes it is Jin. Lifts phone from the receiver, trying her best not to fully wake. Her voice is hoarse from crying and sleep.* What?

Nanjirou:You sound like hell. *Gets some angry glares* I mean, hey.

Yuki: *eyes widen, recognizing the voice. does the first thing that comes to mind, which is slam the phone back on the receiver.*

Nanjirou:Ite! *rubs his ear* .....What?! Look, you two go away, this is bad enough as it is!! *grumbles and walks outside with the phone, dials again*

Yuki: *phone rings, she picks it up again* *still sounds horrible* Look, please just leave me alone. . .

Nanjirou:Hey, I'm calling to...er...a...ap...apologize.

Nanjirou:*Muffled sound is heard as his hand covers the receiver* I CAN HEAR YOU LAUGHING IN THERE!!!

Yuki: *dryly* Good for you. *goes to the door and pounds on it, also covers her hand over her end of the receiver* JIN! PLEASE LET ME OUT OF HERE!!

Nanjirou:*Sits down on the porch. 'I wish I could be napping...'* Anyway...look, I feel kinda bad about what happened.

Yuki: Bathroom! Food! Something. . . *sits on the ground by the door* Shit. *wasn't paying attention to him* What?

Nanjirou:.......*grumbles something inaudible* I said I feel bad about today.

Yuki: *sighs* Yeah, and half of Tokyo. . .are you finished

Nanjirou:...Hey! There's no reason to act like this. Che. *sour look on his face.* I could have not tried to apologize at all.

Yuki: *not in the mood* Well, there's a difference when you are trying and when you are being made to; either way I honestly couldn't care right now. *starts beating the door with the back of her head*

Yuki: Ow. . .

Nanjirou:...The hell is that noise? *pokes his phone, thinking it's him* I don't..*Beep* Under..*beep*...Hello?

Yuki: *thunk, thunk, wince* Ite. . .Hello?

Nanjirou:Oh, ok, you're there. Anyway...uh. I told the misses and my INSUFFERABLE NIECE WHO IS LISTENING IN ON MY PHONE CALL...all about it. They're happy I made a friend, but I shouldn't torment other people's kids. Or mine, for that matter. They said I went too far today. ....I guess I did.

Yuki: Yeah you did, my son kinda barricaded me in my room. So *thunk* once I hang up on you *thunk* I'm going to *thunk* apologize to him *thunk* or pass out *thunk* . . . yeah, if it'll make you all feel better I'll accept your apology *hangs up again*


Yuki: *pounds the door, with her arm this time* Jin, are you even out there?

Nanjirou:*Tosses the phone at a bush angrily* Arghhhhh!!!! *pulls at hair* This is like fucking high school!!!

Yuki: *stands, tries to unwedge the chair under the doorknob*

Nanjirou:*Is currently arguing that it's not his problem if someone calls and the can't find the phone, and yes he did apologize so he's done, and no he doesn't care where his son is at the moment.*

Yuki: *lack of food and water plus the head pounding finally catches up to her and she suddenly gets hit with a wave of dizziness and falls forward*

Nanjirou:*Grumbles, waits till they're gone, and fishes out the phone, hitting 'redial' too many times so it's still dialing when she picks up*

Yuki: *manages to lift the phone off the receiver*


Yuki: Nan-? *blacks out*

Nanjirou:......Did she hang up again? Hello?

Yuki: *phone slips from her grasp, making a soft thud on the floor*

Nanjirou:........Er.....? *Has no idea what to do, and hangs up* I guess she really didn't want to talk.

Nanjirou:*Decides something's up and goes to check it out--Nanjirou's curiosity is greater than even Karupin.* I'm going out.

Yuki: *still unconscious. . .banging your head repeatedly against a wall is never a good idea*

Nanjirou:*Takes a bit of time to find his way to the apartment, being that he has to go to the park and go from there to remember the way. He finds the door unlocked.*

Nanjirou:Hello? Anyone? *looks around, finds no one, and walks a bit farther in. He comes to Yuki's room, complete with door and badly scuffed floor* ...Aha. *deftly tosses chair aside and opens door* Hello?

Yuki: *no response*

Nanjirou:*enters and looks around, sees phone, and then Yuki* Hey! It wasn't very nice to drop the phone and ignore me...I figured.........uh.....Yuki?

Nanjirou:*shakes Yuki a little bit, rolls her over.* Hey! Wake the hell up, this isn't funny!

Yuki: *flops around like a doll*

Nanjirou:.....Uh oh. *Has no idea what to do.* Yuki! Hey! Wake up!

Yuki: *stirs a little, groans* *eyelids flutter*

Nanjirou:*Shakes a little more* Ey, wake up! Don't die on me kid! ...Why am I quoting stupid American movies....Yuki!

Yuki: *crinkles nose, looks confused and slightly annoyed* Wha . . .?

Nanjirou:Geez! You ok?

Yuki: *realizes who is holding her, question completely flies past her* How. . .are you here?

Nanjirou:Well, you sorta dropped the phone, and I got curious as to what was going on, so I came to see. You've probably been out for half an hour, at least.

Yuki: Oh.

Nanjirou:So...you ok?

Yuki: I. . .don't know

Nanjirou:Well, your conscious at least. Oh, and I opened your door. So that's probably better than before.

Yuki: *still not all there, she's upset that of all people to help her it is HIM, but too weak to protest, fight, or do anything about it* Where's Jin?

Nanjirou:Fuck do I know? Obviously you're laying here unconscious cause he's not here.

Yuki: Oh . . .

Nanjirou:*getting the feeling he's not wanted* Well, anyway, I'm satisfied. *gets up to leave*

Yuki: *all fight in her gone* Uhm. . .wait.


Yuki: I'm sorry. . .about today and everything else. . .thank you for checking on me. *lies down on the floor* It's been awhile since I've had a friend. . .

Nanjirou:Eh? You're sorry? I think I'm the one who said we were sleeping together...and I called your son a child molester.

Nanjirou:I'm pretty sure, although don't quote me, that you're supposed to be angry with me. *nods*

Yuki: *laughs weakly* I'm not really mad. . . just . . . childish. . . I don't know why I got upset when you said that. . .it was part of the plan, right? *starts playing with the pattern on the floor*

Nanjirou:...Not really, no. *Looks out the window* I'm pretty sure Ryoma ran away. Idiot...he'll come back, I know he will. This whole thing was because I love tormenting the little brat. But I don't do it to be mean, y'know? I do it...*trails off* Anyway. You want something to drink?

Yuki: *nods, tries to sit up, finds the floor more forgiving*

Nanjirou:I'll bring it to you. *goes and gets two cups of water, comes back* Anyway. ...To be honest, I don't really have too many friends. A lot of people try to talk to me for other reasons.

Yuki: *nods* Same here. . .

Nanjirou:*About to say 'no way' and stops himself* Anyway.

Nanjirou:So, anyway...I'm sorry about the things I said today. *nods* Need anything? I think I should be going...

Yuki: *shakes head, says nothing*

Nanjirou:Well, you want me to help you up, at least?

Yuki: Yeah. . .

Nanjirou:*picks Yuki up rather easily and flops her back on the bed. He picks up the phone and hangs it up* Next time you're gonna pass out, hang up the phone first.

Yuki: *chuckles* Yeah, I'll remember that. . . thanks

Nanjirou:Anyway. Talk to you later, I guess?

Yuki: *softly* It's okay, if. . .you know. . .you don't want to talk . . .anymore. . .probably best

Nanjirou:Huh? Why would I want to do that?

Nanjirou:You're the only person I have to talk to that ISN'T some crazy journalist or my insufferable niece.

Yuki: Most people do. . . after they're done with me. . . journalists?

Nanjirou:Uh...for my kid. He's won a lot of tournaments in the US and now he's winning a lot here. *Saved!* Hey, don't be so negative. I'll give you a call tomorrow to see how you're doing. You should call into work.

Yuki: *shudders at the thought of work* Your son must be good. . . *sighs* I don't know why I said that. . . it's just. . .how it's been

Nanjirou:Yeah...Anyway, don't think about him. He's an idiot. *nods*

Yuki: He's still yours. . . *eyelids droop*

Nanjirou:......? *Wonders if he's missing something here* Yeah, and your son's yours..

Yuki: Mine is growing up and away from me. . .

Nanjirou:Coulda fooled me, every time I see you he's around somewhere. Got a bit of an Oedipus complex.

Yuki: He just worries because I act like a kid most of the time. It's just been the two of us for years, and they haven't been fun years at that. . .

Nanjirou:Well, don't worry. All that matters is that you're still here, and you two are still together. He's not gonna leave you anytime soon, trust me. Besides, he's so dependant on you he hides it by being so nasty. *looks at clock* Anyway...I should get home.

Yuki: Mm. *nods and yawns* Goodnight Nani-san.

Nanjirou:Night! *Waves* Give me a call tomorrow, yeah?

Yuki: . . . Okay. *sounds unsure*

Nanjirou:Truuuuuuuust me. *closes door behind him and begins his stroll home*

Yuki: *looks confused, sighs and falls back asleep*

[Nanjirou calls to apologize, Yuki is too angry to listen and is distracted by trying to get out of the room. Manages to knock herself out in the process. Nanjirou goes to save the day, finally have a vague heart-to-heart.]

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