_5oo_channels (_5oo_channels) wrote in _choking_victim,

Ok Ok

Mod. here...

Listin up, new people in the community..
its cool its cool.

I'd kinda like everyone to get to know one another..
kinda make some buddies, so when and if we do get into a debate..or somthing about war or whatever. we don't strangle each other over live journal.

Ok first off, i'm your moderator, My name is Greg, I'm 16 and I basicaly hate laws and authority. Period. I love music. i play guitar, a 1994 gibson les paul custom, Blue.
I have an amazing Girlfriend, who owns my heart and i devote my whole life to her. she's in this comm. her lj name is sugarxnxspikez.
I'd like it if everyone just post a little somthing about themselves in here. just so we know. and your not a stranger.

talk to people, and don't be afraid to comment..
and never be afraid to give one big "FUCK YOU" to someone you don't like...hey its your life, you pick the people who you want in it.
Post pics if you want i think i am later.
This has been your mod.
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