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too busy for tea? [May. 11th, 2005|10:26 pm]
[while the world goes by]


[mood |A for effort! :)]
[music |High Contrast]

Hmmm... either my previous post scared writers away, or the world is spinning too fast for this group to enjoy sofe afternoon tea. I'm not a writer in the least bit, but maybe some bad poetry is just what's need for conversation in this group?

pedal faster the breath can't catch
knees are weekened, constricting halves
the trunks, you see
dominant,swift and hungry
they push to the sky and sink straight down
the kiss of physics once again

mucous drains to protect the breath
and the entrence to my head
the wind, you see
prominant, tears and sweat
the flush and contrast of climbing above
the glea with music, happy again.

Well, that's not the worst I've done (no, really), and it's better than gonig to the dentist. Besides, some smooth green tea (maybe some honey too?) should sooth it all better.

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