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A question ...

Nov. 16th, 2015 | 08:14 pm
posted by: celestial111 in __vam


Does anybody know what is the story behind this picture? I never saw it before o.O

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Responsible, chapter 5

Nov. 8th, 2015 | 09:36 pm
mood: relieved
music: HIM - When love and death embrace
posted by: celestial111 in __vam

Title: Responsible, chapter 5
Author: celestial111
Pairings: VAM, Ville/Jonne and others
Summary: Who has an eight feet tall heartagram on the wall? Who has a Lamborghini and a goddamn Hummer in the garage? We had. We had it all. But now, after all those glamorous years we spent together, we are having a divorce.

So, here's the chapter 5! If you are nice enough, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.



An anonymous call. Who could it be? Not so many people call me these days, now that HIM is taking a break and you're not talking to me.

... My hands start to shake ever so slightly as I stare at the ringing phone. My breathing speeds up. I know I shouldn't bother anymore but I can't help it. The reaction is still there. And the goddamn butterflies.

Could it... Could it really be you?

Suddenly I forget all about the ringing phone and remember one time you called me instead. It happened at the time before our marriage. I was on tour and missing you like hell. You had promised to call me that day, and that's why I sat the whole day next to the phone, so that I wouldn't miss the call. I remember I was bouncing around the tour bus and at the end of the day Linde got so annoyed that he took the phone away from me. I had to apologize twice to get it back. When you finally called me, I was too excited to pick up. I was devastated when the ringing stopped.

Luckily you called me again after a few minutes of cursing and depression. The butterflies were there, just like they are right now, flickering and fluttering inside of my stomach.

It feels like I'm in love for the first time in my life again and it feels amazing. I can't wait to make things right, to get you back and to start afresh. To love you again, to feel your arms around my waist because that's where they belong and we both know it.

I won't move on. I know I can't. I love you.

"Bammie?" I let out a thrilled sigh as I wait for you to say something, anything. But soon my face drops as I learn that it's not you on the other end of the line. Instead it's yet another fangirl who has gotten my number onto her hands one way or another. They stopped calling me years and years ago... but apparently there's still some chick out there who is trying to get into my pants even though the whole world knows I'm in a gay relationship. Was, am, I don't know.

I sigh again, this time frustrated. I think I have finally become insane. There's no way you would possibly call me. You were the one who asked me to move out, after all. I can't believe I can be this fool, hoping that suddenly everything would be okay between the two of us, that you'd call me to ask me come home.

I'm about to hang up when she suddenly says something unexpected, something that makes me stop whatever I'm going to do.

"Hey, Ville. Listen, now that you're divorcing, I was wondering if you possibly needed someone to comfort you," she coos with a voice that I guess is meant to sound seductive but kind of fails. I sit down on the edge of my bed as my legs start to give in, listening to my heart's agitated beat. Wait a minute. Now that I'm what?!

Suddenly there are millions of thoughts running through my head all at the same time and that gives me a major headache. Only after a long while am I able to speak again.

"That was the worst fucking joke I've ever heard in my life," I reply coldly and then finally hang up. The butterflies, they are cruelly murdered by a stranger who had absolutely no rights to destroy their lives, already short and fragile.

My heart pounds in my chest. My hands are all sweaty. My throat is dry, it's hard to swallow. I am shocked. Confused, upset, stunned. Utterly horrified.

I close my eyes. It's pretty warm here but I'm trembling and shuddering anyway. Where the hell did that come from? Who was she anyways? How did she get my number? I make a mental note to change my number as soon as possible. I don't want to receive a single prank call anymore, not after this one that almost gave me a heart attack.

But... ... ... What if it wasn't a joke? What if... What if... No.

... Or yes? Oh lord. I'm fucking lost.


Apparently I fell asleep at some point because the next time I wake up, I find myself curled up with the carpet on the floor even though I remember sitting on the edge of the bed just a while ago. It's already dark outside. As I glance at the watch on my wrist right below the fresh, red line, I learn that it shows 2 AM.

I sit up, the headache is still present. I pick up the phone again. It still shows the number of airport. For a while I wonder if I should still book the fucking ticket and wait until I get to see you face to face. But there's only one word echoing in my head and I need to know.

A tear of fear rolls down my cheek as my terribly shaky fingers dial a number I will probably never be able to forget, even if I wanted to. A number I dialed five months ago in order to make things right but no one was there to pick up back then. Your number.

It rings... and rings... and rings...

My heart beats faster... and faster... and faster until I'm afraid it will explode if it keeps pounding harder much longer. It's hard to hear my own thoughts but I scantily succeed.

I'm trying to reach you all in vain. It's only 7 PM there, you're not even sleeping yet. The sense of disappointment creeps into my heart. You're not going to answer my call. There's another tear rolling down my face. I'm such a loser for crying over nothing.

"Bam," your cold voice states and I wince before letting the rest of the tears burst out in full force. You picked up the phone... But you sound so calm and so indifferent that it breaks me into millions of pieces. And still it warms my heart to hear the voice I haven't been able to in a long time. Even if it's just your name pronounced emotionless, it's still your voice, the voice that I adore.

"Is it true?" I sob unable to keep my voice stable. "Is it fucking true?!" I know that you know I'm crying but there's no sign that you care about my sobs. Throughout the call I have this racking, harrowing feeling of which I want to get rid but there's no escape. I take some quick breaths, trying but pitifully failing to calm down.

"There's no reason for us to be married anymore. So... I guess I'll see you in court," you reply, obviously knowing right away what I'm talking about. Before I can bring myself to say anything, you add, "Just so that you know, it's a fault divorce."

"What?!" I squeal, fumbling the inhaler just in case I happen to need it.

So you think that I'm responsible for ruining our marriage?! I would like to know how you think you can prove it since I have done nothing wrong. And that's what I also tell you.

"Did you really think it was okay to cheat me?" you ask disinterested and I can hear a small laugh. Great. That's just fine. You are laughing but I cry a little more. You have no idea how much I used to wish it wasn't okay.

"But I -," I start to explain but you rudely interrupt me. I don't even know what I was trying to say for right now I'm in terror. Scared and afraid. It feels I can't find any words at all. I just wanted us to make up, not me to be scared to death at the thought of a divorce.

"Save it, Valo. I don't want to heart it. You committed adultery, end of story," you state and as soon as you're finished, the line is dead. I stare at the window next to my bed, not really seeing anything. The tears make my vision blurry. Even the last bit of my heart is completely shattered.

It hurts. It fucking hurts.


Five years ago we made a promise. We stood right there in front of the priest and promised to love each other through thick and thin. I thought our love was stronger but it turned out to be just as fragile as an unstable psyche. We promised to stay with each other no matter what but now you're claiming that I committed adultery and the only person I can blame is right there, staring back at me from the misty glass of the same fucking window from which we used to watch stars together in the beginning of our relationship.

Two hours passes by, me not even noticing. The past, the present, the future, all mixed together in a huge blur inside of my head. What we were, what we could have become in the future. What we are right now. I'm living in the middle of fog and haze, heartbroken, undone and beyond redemption.

Just a few hours ago I made the decision. I didn't want to move on. I wanted you back. Now the decision is all scattered, just like the pieces of what-used-to-be-my-heart and replaced by confusion. Nothing makes sense to me.

Why would you give up on me so easily? You didn't even fight to keep what was yours. ...No, that's where I'm wrong. In fact you are fighting for the things that are yours; the house, the money, the Hummer and the goddamn garage. But you're not fighting for me. Are the things that money can buy really that much more important to you than I am? I know you, you're not like that, not in reality. You care about people, not money.

But then why?

I'm sick of crying. I'm sick of living in this misery. I'm sick of not having you on my side. I'm sick of these lies.


Suddenly I know exactly what I will do. That's the only way I can pick up the pieces of my heart, or at least the only way I can figure out right now. I will prove you my innocence. Will it make a difference? I don't know. I don't fucking know but I have to try. I owe you. I owe me and I owe our fucking marriage. I'm not doing it for the sake of dollars, not the sake of Lamborghini. I'm doing it for the sake of our violated, neglected and at the moment so-close-to-be-failed marriage.

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Responsible, chapter 4

Oct. 25th, 2015 | 06:37 pm
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music: The 69 Eyes - Dance D'Amour
posted by: celestial111 in __vam

Title: Responsible
Author: celestial111
Pairings: VAM, (Ville/Jonne and others)
Summary: Who has an eight feet tall heartagram on the wall? Who has a Lamborghini and a goddamn Hummer in the garage? We had. We had it all. But now, after all those glamorous years we spent together, we are having a divorce.

So this is the new Chapter 4 (finally!!) since the former one went quite far from the storyline I had in mind. And I also didn't like the way I wrote it sooooo... I hope this is a bit less confusing.

I want to thank yotam54 who brought me back down to earth ;)

I should buy a ticket to Pennsylvania and talk to you. I just can't leave everything without a word. It will always haunt me if I won't talk to you before I move on. If I will ever move on. I grab my phone and dial the number of airport but before I make it to the green button, my phone starts to ring.



"Bam, dude, that is like the second Fazer's blue in what? An hour?" Dunn pointed out as he stepped into the living room where Bam was sitting on the couch, cheeks brown because of the chocolate. Something seemed to be different, he just couldn't figure out what it was that made the whole house feel unfamiliar to him.

"Third," Bam corrected and took yet another bite of the bar. He didn't even turn to face his best friend as the blonde entered the room since he was too busy staring at the wall in front of him. Wall that was too blank to be Bam's wall. And that's when Dunn knew what made him feel like it wasn't the Castle Bam anymore. All the pictures of HIM and Ville were ripped out of the walls and as he looked around he couldn't find a single heartagram. The loss of HIM stuff was so obvious he couldn't believe he hadn't realized it earlier. But it also made him wonder - why now? Why not six months ago?

"So what happened?" Dunn asked, sitting down next to Bam, and pointed at the chocolates lying on the table.

"I found the place he used to keep those at. Best chocolate in the world, from Finland," Bam replied emotionless, still avoiding the other man's gaze. Dunn took a deep breath before opening his mouth.

"I do know where Fazer comes from but what I meant is what made you eat all those?" He tried to take the chocolate from the skater and only then Bam lifted his eyes to meet the blonde's, squeezing the bar against his chest so that it couldn't be taken away from him. Dunn tried to hold it back for he knew this was one of those serious moments but a little chuckle escaped his lips anyway. Bam was acting like a four-year-old child whose favorite toy car was being stolen.

"I am a single man again," he announced indifferently, completely ignoring Dunn's chuckles, cramming the rest of the bar into his mouth and then throwing the paper away. After that he grabbed yet another bar of chocolate.

"But... you broke up with Ville ages ago!" the blonde noted, not quite understanding why his friend was overeating. He had thought Bam had already moved on because six months was quite a ling time to cry over spilled milk. Though he was relieved that the skater finally showed any signs that the breakup had in fact affected him, even if it was just by eating too much chocolate.

"I did but now it's official," Bam rose from the couch to leave the room since he wasn't in the mood of talking but Dunn grabbed his wrist and forced him to stay.

"What do you mean? Did you finally call him?" Dunn pulled Bam back to the couch and then let go of his hand when was sure that the other man didn't plan on leaving. Bam shook his head as a 'no'.

"Did he call you?" the slightly older man raised his eyebrow, still trying to figure out what was going on.


"Then what the hell are you talking about?" he almost yelled. Bam flinched but Dunn couldn't read the skater's expression. Lately Bam had sure learned to hide his emotions. Dunn could only wonder if it was all because of Ville or if the certain somebody had something to do with the matter.

"They heard when Ape and Raab talked about it," Bam bit his nails acting bored. In reality he was nothing but nervous because Dunn had decided to talk about him. He still felt like it was too personal matter to be shared with anyone.

"They...?" Dunn asked confused.

"The press," Bam stated. "Don't tell me you didn't know. It's all over the fucking news. 'Bam Margera is filing for a divorce!'" He threw the newest tabloid to Dunn who quickly found the page Bam had been talking about. Bam tried his best to stay still and not to reveal his real feelings when Dunn started to read the article out loud.

"The Jackass star and the former professional skateboarder Bam Margera is filing for a divorce. His five-year long marriage to one of the most successful Finnish rock stars Ville Valo from the band HIM seems to be over. According to some of the closest friends of Mr. Margera, the couple has been living on the different sides of the world for the last six months.

'I can't really talk about it for even I don't know if the rumor of them getting divorced is true. But it's heartbreaking to see those two men in this kind of situation for they always loved each other so much. There was never doubt about it. I know it won't be easy but I wish they could work it all out,' says April Margera. It's obvious this matter is painful and delicate to Mr. Margera since he himself hasn't said anything about it. We also haven't been able to reach Mr. Valo to confirm the rumor."

Bam flinched as he heard the name of his ex-lover, ex-idol and ex-husband and Dunn saw it.

"Why do you even care?" Dunn asked after reading the news twice. There was nothing he didn't already know since he had been there when Bam had left the divorce papers the previous day and that's why he couldn't understand why Bam reacted like this. They had all known this was coming when Bam had asked Ville move out.

"Because everybody is fucking talking about me," Bam tried to keep himself calm but it was getting harder minute by minute.

"You've always loved the attention of the media!"

"Not when it's about my personal life!" Bam yelled standing up. The walls he had tried so hard to keep up started to come crashing down. He knew he couldn't put up the act much longer but he tried to calm down anyways. He still didn't want to show that he cared because he shouldn't have.

"You filmed your wedding and sold it to MTV!" Dunn stood up too.

"It's not the same," Bam whispered, quickly batting away the tears that had started to form in his eyes. He bit his lower lip wishing that the other man hadn't noticed anything.

"Yeah, it's not the same because you still love him," Dunn said softly, clearly noticing the tears but not saying anything. He knew from past experiences that the dude standing next to him didn't like his sensitive side to be revealed to anyone.

Apparently not even to the man currently living on the other side of the world.

"I don't," Bam insisted. Dunn could tell he was lying.

"You do."

"I don't. You know I can't love anyone like that anymore." The amount of sadness in Bam's voice broke Dunn's heart.

"Bam. I don't want to argue with you. I am your friend, you know. But you should remember that he's not her," he said and gave Bam one of those manly hugs they used to share every now and then. Then he changed the subject for there was no reason to continue while Bam was acting like he didn't even know the man called Ville Valo.

He tried to stop his friend from eating any more but the skater was too stubborn to listen. After two more bars of chocolate Bam found himself curled around the toilet bowl, half-eaten bar hanging on his hand. He spent the next half an hour emptying his stomach from all the food he had stuffed his mouth.

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BOATS will continue next month

Oct. 5th, 2015 | 11:03 pm
posted by: siakahleah in __vam

Just letting all of you know that I know that I have a story out there that is only half done, "Based on a True Story". I seriously plan on starting the second half in November and updating once a week from there. Thank you all who have enjoyed it thus far and I cannot wait to share the rest of it with you.

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It looks like a tough job

Sep. 28th, 2015 | 08:37 pm
posted by: yotam54 in __vam

To all of you who post their fics here, I was wondering:
How do you do it?

I mean, if you to write a book, you give the readers a finished product.
But when you write it and post it on a weekly\daily\whatever basis, you can't go back and fix or change things.
So how do you do it? Do you have a basic structure in your head? Do you write on a whim?
Do you write yourself into the fic?

Please tell about your writing process.
I've read enough fics to get curious.

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Responsible, chapter 3

Sep. 24th, 2015 | 08:24 pm
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music: Negative - The moment of our love
posted by: celestial111 in __vam

Title: Responsible
Author: celestial111
Pairings: VAM, (Ville/Jonne and others)
Summary: Who has an eight feet tall heartagram on the wall? Who has a Lamborghini and a goddamn Hummer in the garage? We had. We had it all. But now, after all those glamorous years we spent together, we are having a divorce.

Here's another chapter! Remember, comments = the story will continue. I still wish more comments so please... I would love it if you wrote even one word when/if only you read this!



I opened the heartagram door that led to the hallway. I wasn’t drunk, I never was after those deadly boring nights out. But still I couldn’t remember the name of my companion for tonight. I thought that the names weren’t important in this matter though I was sure the other man knew mine.

I took the blonde’s hand in my own as I led him through the aisle towards the stairs. As we passed the living room I saw you sitting on the couch. I made sure you saw us as I kissed the cheek of the other man and flashed the blonde a sly smile. Then I looked back at where you had been sitting and noticed that the place was now empty.

I sighed and led the other man to the bedroom. The door stayed closed for two hours. You didn’t come to open it. You didn’t say a word, you never did. You didn’t ask him to leave. Not once did you ask me to stop.

I couldn’t have sex with them. I couldn’t and I didn’t want to because my heart, my body, everything of me was still yours. So we spent the time talking. We talked about how much I missed my husband. How much I yearned for your touch, for your attention, for your goddamned reaction.

Because your reaction was all I wanted right now. I wanted to know that you still care, that you still love me after everything that has happened between the two of us. I wanted you to yell at me for bringing strangers into our bed. I wanted you to grab my shoulders and shake me until I was close to pass out. I wanted to see that my actions had consequences. I wanted you to tell me it was not okay to cheat you.

But that reaction… It never came.

You would have let me have sex with ten guys in front of your eyes. When I realized that I could do whatever I wanted to with whoever I wanted to something broke inside of me. You didn’t care.

That night I came home alone and I came earlier than usually, not that you noticed. I cried all night. But even though I had seen how indifferently you acted, I still wished that you would open the fucking door, you would hear my sobs and see that I only wanted you to take me into your arms.

No matter how much I wished the door stayed closed.

We didn’t talk to each other anymore. We didn’t touch, we didn’t look each other in the eyes. We didn’t have dinners together. We didn’t spend time together. We had slowly become strangers to each other. Strangers who still lived together.

That was until the morning you told me that you wanted me to find a new place to live in. It was the first thing you said to me in fifty-eight days. Yes, for fuck’s sake, I’ve been counting days. That is how inconceivably desperate I have become. The tears formed in my eyes but I didn’t want you to know how much it hurt. Maybe I thought you’d laugh at me, I don’t know. I turned away from you and said that I would try to find a place as soon as possible.

Nothing else was said. You left me as you left the room, once and for all. A lonely tear rolled down my cheek.

What the fuck had I done?


I still wonder what would have happened had I never brought those people home. If I had never held their hands, never kissed their cheeks. If only I had just told you that I missed you, that I wanted you back to me. That I wanted you to stop working so much, stop spending all your free time skating with your friends like at the time before we got married. Sometimes I play with the thought of me telling you about everything, just like always before. Would we still be together? Why did it feel so much harder this time around to talk to you?

I know that the men and the women I brought home weren’t the real reason behind our separation. But sometimes I think that maybe, just maybe we could have been able to work it all out, to settle whatever the dispute we had like so many times before if only I hadn’t brought those people home. And then again, something tells me it wouldn’t have been that easy. I feel like something was different this time. It wasn’t like the other fights, the other arguments we had had. Because at this time we really didn’t have any argument at all. We just drifted apart in unbearable silence.

What would have happened had you seen my tears? If you saw how much it hurt to hear your words, to hear you say it was better for me to move out. But then again, maybe you knew. Maybe you knew and just didn’t care. Maybe that’s what was different this time.

I came back to Finland. I had nothing left in US now that you had asked me to leave so I decided it was the best thing to do. It was best to give you some space. Now it has been six months since I last saw you. Eight months since I last talked to you, excluding what was said in the particular morning I left the Castle Bam. A years since we had sex the last time. I miss you. I miss you like hell. And I want you back.

I should buy a ticket to Pennsylvania and talk to you. I just can’t leave everything without a word. It will always haunt me if I won’t talk to you before I move on. If I will ever move on. I grab my phone and dial the number of airport but before I make it to the green button, my phone starts to ring.

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Responsible, chapter 2

Sep. 15th, 2015 | 04:33 pm
mood: tired
music: HIM - Bury me deep inside your heart
posted by: celestial111 in __vam

Title: Responsible
Author: celestial111
Pairings: VAM, (Ville/Jonne and others)
Summary: Who has an eight feet tall heartagram on the wall? Who has a Lamborghini and a goddamn Hummer in the garage? We had. We had it all. But now, after all those glamorous years we spent together, we are having a divorce.

A/N: Soooo I gave a name for this story where Bam and Ville are having a divorce. This is chapter 2.
To be honest, I never saw it come. I was completely and utterly head over heels in love with you. I would have taken a bullet for you, in a fucking heartbeat. I wouldn't have even thought about it twice. I would have done anything for you. Anything.

Of course we had those little arguments every now and then. It wasn’t like we didn’t sometimes fight over breakfast cereals or who gets to drive the pink four-wheeler, no. But hey, we were a married couple. Well, we still are until the next month. All married couples fight, right? But no matter how much we scuffled and yelled and tussled and battled, we always made up before we fell asleep. During those four and a half years I started to believe that you would never hurt me, not in all seriousness. You would never leave me. You would always be there for me. Obviously I was wrong.

Maybe I was fool. Maybe I shouldn’t have trusted you as blindly as I did. Maybe I shouldn’t have listened to Raab. Maybe, maybe, maybe. There’s so many ‘maybe’s that I’ll become insane if I really start to think about all of them. But there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure about. I shouldn’t have married you.

I should have never married you because after all, you’re just a man. You’re just like every other guy I met before and will meet after you. You’re just as selfish as every single one of them. You’re just as deceitful, just as traitorous, just as cold and cruel. I have lost my faith in people, my faith in life, my faith in love just because of you. Just because I fell in love with you.

I know I’m being childish as I say this but I will make sure you won’t get anything from me anymore. Not a single spoon, not a single dollar, not a single car, not my house, not my friends, nothing. A year ago I would have given you every dollar I had, every Lamborghini I owned. I would have ripped my heart from my chest and offered it to you on a silver tray. But now… I would give you nothing.

I didn’t even realize it at first, I didn’t notice how it all started to fall apart. I didn’t see how you started to drift away from me. And when I finally realized that we didn’t have sex anymore, we didn’t sleep in the same room nor did we do anything together, I didn’t realize I should be worried about it. I thought it was just a phase and that it would go away, sooner or later. I had seen it happen before. You would spend some time on your own and I would skate and spend time with my friends. When the time was right, you would come back to me. You would climb into my bed, our bed and snuggle with me. Wrap your arms around my waist and just simply fall asleep. And then, maybe the next day or the next week we would have the most fabulous sex with the excuse that we hadn’t had any in a long time. I thought it was normal because we had gone through that phase almost every year we had been married. I thought everything was fine between the two of us.

That was until I found out that you had found better use for our marriage bed. You started to bring those girls, guys, friends, band members, strangers and even whores home with you. You fucked them in our bed, the same bed in which you once squirmed beneath me. In which you made love to me, in which you taught me to love you right. To touch you, to whisper your name like it was the most precious word in the world, to gasp and moan to make you come in your pants right then and there. The same bed is now stained with the pleasure and the desire, the lust and the betrayal of other human beings, other men, other women.

You didn’t even look at me when you walked by, holding hands with someone you never saw before and would never see afterwards. You fucked them or they fucked you, I don’t even want to know which way around. You did it on purpose, knowingly hurt me. You chose to cheat me right in front of my eyes. I never thought you could be so cruel. I thought I knew you better.

You never came home sober when you had someone with you which was more than often. You were always drunk or high, I could tell it by the way you swayed and slurred, staggered and faltered. Told everyone you loved them so much that it literally hurt. Kissed them like you kissed me on our wedding day. I never wanted to hear you fuck them so I usually put on my headphones, turned the volume up and sulked the rest of the evening, sometimes shedding a few tears. It would have been too much to hear you moan someone else’s name as you writhed in pleasure.

You even filmed all those sessions. How do I know that? I found one of your tapes. Yes, one of those tapes. You didn’t hide them well enough, I guess. There stood 'Ville and Jonne having fun' on the disk. I figured that the other man was the singer of Negative or something before I took the disk and put it on the DVD player. I tried to watch it but in the last minute I had to withdraw. I probably would have killed myself had I seen you fuck someone else. I still have the tape, though. I thought it might become valuable in the future, no matter how painful it was to keep it.

Please comment if only you read this! Thank you.

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Responsible, chapter 1

Sep. 12th, 2015 | 02:54 pm
music: HIM - Razorblade kiss
posted by: celestial111 in __vam

Hello! I have no idea if anyone even reads VAM anymore because I feel like this whole subject is pretty much dead (and I'm so sad because of it). But I have this story I wanted to post and if anyone ever happens to read this please let me know. And comment if you want me to continue.

P.S. I've never posted anything before so I'm so sorry if I do something wrong. This is a chapter number one.


We were such a perfectly happy little family for four and a half long years. We had everything I could have ever even dreamed of. We had a cozy villa in the countryside far from the horrible razzle of metropolis. We had money and success via our careers. You were my prince charming, you were everything I could have even wished for, and you were mine. Everything was so damn picture perfect and idyllic that it almost felt like a crime. But at the end of the day I had nothing to complain about because I was happy, we were happy. And I’m not just saying that. We were happy for real.

Who has a pirate bar downstairs? Who has a skate park in the backyard? Who has a Lamborghini and a goddamn Hummer in the garage? We had. We had it all. We had a jukebox in the living room. An eight feet tall heartagram on the wall. A studio for your recordings. Friends and family that supported us no matter what. And above all that we had each other.

I knew I could trust you with my heart. Or at least I thought I could. Because now, after all those glamorous years we spent together, we are having a divorce.

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Unfinished fictions

Apr. 4th, 2015 | 09:47 pm
posted by: yotam54 in __vam

I guess life carried few of __VAM authors to various distance realms, were the life of their fiction characters is not important anymore.

As a reader, I can tell you, that reading a good fiction, just to discover that it's unfinished since the writer hit a writer-block, lost interest, or consumed by life - is S A D.

I know that there is more to life than unfinished fic, but it's sad just the same.

Any author who can give an ending (and some peace for the readers), please finish your fics.
Thank you musicophilia and bloodhill for coming back from the "dead" after so long and keep posting.

There are so many unfinished fic, I won't mention all of them, but if any of you can get a hold on the author of "In Your Arms", please tell her that someone still cares and wants to know 'what happened in the end'.
The same goes for "Rags and Riches" by wicked_smiles

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Super Heroes- Chpt. 1-3

Apr. 4th, 2015 | 11:55 am
location: My Room
posted by: 15_pheebs in __vam

Title: Super Heroes (Originally titled 'Masquerade')
Author: 15_Pheebs
Summary: There's danger afoot! An evil villain is planning to take over the world. Can a trio of super heroes stop him before it's too late?
Pairing(s): Implied VAM for now.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: not true= don't sue
A/N: I found a bunch of my unfinished/lost stories from years ago and decided to go through and try to rewrite/complete them!



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