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why are they all ugly. fuck, get some friggin pretty in thurr!!!

Name: Alyssa Long (Rafferty)
Age: 16
Location: San Fransisco
Sexuality: Bisexual

What You're Like:
Name at least 10 bands you listen to: 1905, The Evens, Circle Takes the Square, Death From Above 1979, Zao, With Honor, Against Me!, Dillinger Escape Plan, Remembering Never, Gravy Train!, Ladytron, Tsunami Bomb, Between the Buried and Me, BA'AL
Last show you went to: Yesterday, in SF at Slims. NFG, Eisley, Full Effect
5 movies: Run Lola Run, The Suicide Club, The Battle Royale, The Curve, Graden State
5 books: Days of War Nights of Love, James and the Giant Peace, Revolution on Canvas, The Perks of Being a Wall flower, Cut, umm.. the newspaper

Bush/Government: Fuck them all. I am an Independant.
Micheal Jackson: is not black
Davey Havok: has soft hands and a stiff hand shake and when he dances he ties his hair back in a red bow(he is always at Slims for shows)
Bob Nanna: Banana.
Anarchists: Fuck Anarchy. Stupid punk ass bitches, desturction, hate, violence, drugs. NO. Its all about anarchism. Coucil Communism. Shared wealth. Peace. Primitivists. Equality. No SLAVES, No MASTERS.
Homosexuality: My dream is to be a homo. so. my opinion = :)
Religion: Agnostic

Promote us in 2 other communities and post the links... umm.. kay? when i join another community, sure.
Make us laugh: its my job
Why should we accept you? cus everyone else is gross. you need me. (lol) jk jk

Post at least 4 recent pictures including 2 face shots.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Your Mods= I dont have any. Heros and Mods suck ass. Why try and be like someone else. thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard.
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