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Im so fucking excited for the movie fade to black... hmm kelly is wack.. he got kicked off the tour!! ahahahHHAHa and yoooo jay is in msg TONITEEEEE.. i wish i could be there..=( TEARRRR
and should i do.. the application i made.. yeah sure why not

[[Name]]:Carolin(one who made this.. joinnnn)lol
[[When did you become a fan]]: idk.. lol
[[When did you first hear him/do you remeber the first song you heard]]: probadly the radio
[[How has his music influneces/inspires you]]: Idk.. i could hear one of his songs once and just keep flowing with it like i knew the beat all the time.. and the next time i hear it i could know the whole song.. its scary.. he pumps me up.. gets me out of a bad mood.. and gets me ready, makes me determined
[[Favorite quote of Jay- Z]]:"It's my life - it's my pain and my struggle
The song that I sing to you it's my ev-ery-thing
Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first
And my thirst is the same as - when I came
It's my joy and my tears and the laughter it brings to me
It's my ev-ery-thing" ~~~ chorus of My 1st Song Lyrics

[[Whats your favorite song of Jay-z]]: jigga that nigga-- and like all of the blueprint 2..every single song..the gift AND the curse~~~ and renagade.. so many songs..
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