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Welcome to _____hansonpics (five underscores), the best place to get Hanson pictures on Livejournal! Membership is open, please join! You must join to see the posts, as they are Friends Only. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE MAKING A POST OR COMMENTING. Posting is moderated. Here are some guidelines:

1. A good posting format is posting one preview picture, and put the rest under an LJ-cut.
2. Try to make your preview picture less than or equal to 400px in length, so you don't stretch out people's friends pages.
3. Please try to NUMBER the photos so people can comment on them easily.
4. Commentary is allowed, but not necessary unless you want to.
5. No Hanson-net members only content.
6. No file sharing.
7. You may post videos as long as it's not Hanson.net content or a concert bootleg.
10. No text only posts. If you want to post news, you should do it over at hanson . :)
11. If I reject your post, i'll tell you why it was rejected and ask you to fix it. I encourage you to re-post.

Picture requests here are NOT ALLOWED unless you post some pictures along with your request. This is to reduce flooding here. I don't want it to turn into an all request community. Post at LEAST 10 photos of Hanson along with your request and I will approve it. Also, I sometimes make a post stating that if anyone has any requests, they can comment with them.

1. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING OF WIVES TOLERATED. I am very serious about this. It is okay to say something like "I don't like so and so's outfit", but you KNOW what crossing the line is and it is not to be done here. The same goes for any other member of Hanson's family. If you choose to bash them, first you'll get a warning and i'll screen your comment. The second time you do it, you get banned.
2. Respect myself and other members.
3. If you take pictures straight from here and post them somewhere else online, it would be nice if you linked back to the community... however, I won't ban you if you don't.

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Hanson's offical websites:
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