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_wtf's Journal

what the fuck?
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post odd pictures and articles, strange occurences, embarassing moments, inappropriate comments, bizarre happenings.. you get the idea.

basically, anything that makes you say, "wtf?"

only in america can a poor black man grow up to be a rich white woman

there really are no "official" rules for this community, but we've kinda had to adopt some general guidelines to keep things running smoothly. so please read this before posting!

1) everyone's definition of what is "wtf-worthy" is different. post whatever you want as long as it's not TOO off-topic! and if you dont think someone's post fits YOUR definition, the easiest thing to do is just keep on scrolling. if you dont like it, dont read it!

2) this is not a place to pimp your own personal journal or community. there are other places for that, such as community_promo and add_me, etc etc.

3) if you have a problem with a particular user, take it up with them personally. flaming them here is not acceptable and your posts/comments will be deleted.

4) please try to put un-worksafe photos and entries behind a cut, and provide some kinda warning if possible.

lastly, and most importantly..

5) have fun, but be respectful!!

further comments or questions can be directed to me at the above email address.

moderator: malpractice