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new kid 
10:36pm 06/12/2001
  hey guys, i havent heard too much of waxwing but i do love what i did hear, but i was wondering anyone new what the band had to do with the band bugs in amber, they are very good also from what ive heard. thanks  
name droppin' 
09:34pm 28/06/2004

there ya go!
01:21pm 15/06/2004
mood: good
rock on..a waxwing community! I first got into waxwing about 3 years ago and they have grown to be one of my favorite bands. I even got the waxwing symbol tattooed on my back. too bad I suck and live in Texas so I've never gotten to see them live. I've been curious for a while...since they all seem to have other stuff going on, do they play often in seattle? I'm thinking about flying out there just to visit seattle and to see them when and if they play there again.

07:41pm 27/05/2004
  hey- I noticed this community was dedicated to some of my favourite artists so I decided to join, that is if it's alright. thanx-  
Waxwing says it best 
05:32pm 11/05/2004
mood: okay
I thought i would introduce my self. I’m Fran. Waxwing was the first 'local' band i ever listened to. When i started listening to them my parents where not to keen on the idea of me going to shows. When i did start going to shows Waxwing was on their year and 1/2 "break". I settled with memorizing the words to just about all their songs from various CDs that where played over and over again and again in my CD player and in my brother’s card. I was so happy to finally see them live on Dec. 20th at the Old Redmond Fire house. It was spectacular and beautiful. I took some pictures but my website is dumb and will not display them for some reason or other so maybe sooner or later I will re-post with a link to the photos from that show. Anyways in short; I love waxwing I think they are spectacular, and seeing them live was one of the most memorable shows I have ever been too.


ps- I'm so glad that waxwing finally got a LJ community. It was about time!
01:51pm 11/05/2004
  share your waxwing show memories!  
11:44pm 08/05/2004
mood: aggravated
im new. waxwing was the first seattle local show i went to, and it seriously changed my life. that's all i have to say.
06:33pm 08/05/2004
  HI! i was looking for communities to join and i noticed none for waxwing. Which is sad b/c they are amazing. i will spiff up the community a little later, when i have more time. but at least there's one out there now! <3enjoy