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The Vanity Project Fans

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26th October 2005

tylerkinch2:40pm: Steves Voice Sells A Record Once Again
Well as some of you may or may not know.. I work in a record store.

Well anyways, we have "The Vanity Project" as one of our play copies. I try to play it as much as possible without overplaying it (Or else someone will start overplaying Nickleback! Gah!) Well anyways.. yesterday while it was playing, the store was really busy... It sold three copies! One lady was like "This is great!" And it was like one customer after another asking me who was playing :) I'm going to try playing this during the busy times more often... XMAS is coming up ;)

Go Steve!


3rd August 2005

skier19879:16pm: Ok so Steven Page is going to be in Ann Arbor, Michigan tomorrow at a Borders Store? ok who knows where that is? I want to go but I need directions...

1st August 2005

lightupmyroom6:36pm: Was anyone at the in-store today in NYC?

It was great if you weren't there.

And if you were there, I have a question. Does anyone know the order of the songs or anything? I can remember some of the order, but I make playlists of shows I see and I was just wondering if anyone could help me out.

What I can figure out so far (and the other songs that I don't know are kind of just thrown in there):

These Wasted Words
Everything's The Same
I Live With It Every Day
So Young So Wrong So Long
War on Drugs
So. Cal
Wilted Rose
I'll Be That Girl
That's All, That's All
Brian Wilson

And I think I'm missing a song...

26th July 2005

ephant2:41pm: Oh. My. Wow.
Hey there I'm an Aussie BNL fan and when one of my best friends went to the US for a holiday I asked him to get me a copy of The Vanity Project since I couldn't seem to find it in this country.

Oh. My. Effing. Wow. I love this album so much it hurts.

My favourite songs at the moment are 'Wilted Rose', 'So Young, So Wrong, So Long' and 'Baby loves the Radio' but I just can't stop listening to the whole album.


I'm sorry, I'm too blown away to be very eloquent ;) also annoyed because the wireless network is playing up. grr.

24th June 2005

pinkdaisy10:28pm: But you and I are staying home again...
I am in love with "Everything's The Same"!!
I'm gonna marry this song!! :)

22nd June 2005

pinkdaisy7:40pm: I knew I was going to get some great Steven Page music when I bought this CD, but I never knew I would be blown away by it.

*still picking up the pieces*


This CD is amazing!!! I'm going to have to run around tomorrow scrawling "Steven Page is a God" on every space I can find!!!


21st June 2005

lightupmyroom6:22pm: Baby loves the radio...
Vanity Project icons. Because I'm a dork and have already made them.

Everybody knows who won...Collapse )

Comment and Credit. You know the drill.
spooky_page3:36pm: Welcome!
This is my little attempt at a community.
Please feel free to post and share your thoughts!
And for those of you who havn't heard of The Vanity Project, GO BUY THE ALBUM!
It's quite excellent and you won't regret the $12 one bit.

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