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I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back.
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1 Fic and a Kink Meme Kink [13 Mar 2013|12:41pm]

Title: Meet Me At The Great Northern
Author: loveyourcrooked/damnfinekink
Pairing: Dale/Audrey
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dale comes back to the Great Northern, where he finds Audrey Horne.
Warnings/Kinks: Age-play-ish, roleplay
Author Comments:
Also on A03
And the Kink Meme at damnfinekink

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2 fanfics [05 Jan 2013|04:05pm]

I wrote two Twin Peaks stories for this year's Yuletide: a post- and a pre-canon one, both on AO3:

Title: The Tender Boughs of Innocence
Author: amatara
Pairing: gen
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Albert Rosenfield, Gordon Cole, Chet Desmond, Dennis "Denise" Bryson, Dale Cooper
Summary: Albert didn't reckon himself a coward, a crybaby or a cream puff. What he was was a tender twenty-nine, which at the Bureau still counted as green behind the ears, but he had skill and wit and a bloodhound's instinct for clues, and he didn't rattle easily. Which was what had earned him this case to begin with. Right now, calling him 'rattled' would be stating it mildly. A pre-canon case fic in which Albert takes on one of Gordon's Blue Rose cases.

Title: Putting Out Fire (With Gasoline)
Author: amatara
Pairing: gen
Rating: R-ish for some disturbing imagery (vague references to sexual abuse, discussion of mental health issues, etc) though by no means as explicit as what was in the show.
Characters: Dale Cooper, Harry Truman, Audrey Horne, Albert Rosenfield, Annie Blackburn, Lucy Moran, Dennis "Denise" Bryson
Summary: When you've pulled someone back from the brink, how do you put them back together again? A series of recordings and interviews, made at the Spokane Valley Hospital, where Dale Cooper was taken after being freed from BOB's control.

As always, any feedback is loved. <3

Cross-posted to twinpeaks.
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Fic: Swallow (Cooper/Albert, PG-13) [05 Sep 2012|10:40pm]

Title: Swallow
Author: amatara
Characters: Dale Cooper/Albert Rosenfield.
Summary: It's not that Albert doesn't like food; it's that he loves it too much to settle for the mediocre. The same could be said about Albert and people. Pre-canon; very mild slash.
Rating: G to PG-13
Word Count: ~1800
A/N: Written for three_penny, who requested Albert 'n Cooper breakfast fic. I promised a drabble, but Albert insisted on something a little longer. This turned out quite a bit fluffier than what I usually write, so be warned. :)

Story on LJ or AO3.
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Fic: Crazy Little Thing Called Love [03 Jul 2012|08:38pm]

Title: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Author: amatara
Characters, pairings: BOB, Dale Cooper/Albert Rosenfield
Summary: Albert Rosenfield is special. Albert is the key that will make Cooper turn, turn, like the ballerina in a musical box. BOB can't wait to see them both dance. Post-canon.
Rating / Warnings: Rated R for adult themes. Some parts might be considered triggery, but as long as you're okay with the subject matter of Twin Peaks the series, I'd say you'll be okay with this, too.
Word Count: ~10.000
Author's Notes:
Written for heartequals. Many thanks to my ever-awesome beta nemo_everbeing for giving this story the kick in the ass that it needed to make it so much better, and for providing invaluable suggestions and encouragement!

Fic on Dreamwidth and Livejournal, or on AO3.

Hope you enjoy - any feedback is loved!
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Fic: I knew this much [25 Mar 2012|12:11pm]

Title: I knew this much
Author: heartequals
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG (if that)
Summary: For amatara, for help_japan (lol I KNOW. I SUCK). She requested a story dealing with the “Call me crazy, but on you...” scene in 2x15. This story takes place almost immediately after that scene. Albert hates emotional conversations, but he hates seeing Cooper pulled apart even more.

Here on livejournal or here on AO3
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