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Static & Silence

"The Sundays" Community

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This is an LJ community dedicated to the wonderful English band, The Sundays, and their fans.

The Sundays are a wonderful band hailing out of Manchester, England. The quartet

was originally a duo; David and Harriet met while at university in Bristol. "Staying

up late, talking a complete load of bullocks, it was great" says Harriet. Both began

writing songs while at university and continued after graduating.

The two brought friends Paul Brindley, bassist, and drummer Patrick Hannan on board, and

the Sundays were born. By just their second show, critics and industry insiders had labeled

the band the "next big thing" and the Sundays found themselves deluged

with record offers. They eventually signed with Rough Trade records, home of

indie legends The Smiths. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic was released

in 1989 to critical and commercial success. The album was an exquisite texture of gilded

guitar work blended with Wheeler's atmospheric vocals. Comparisons were made

to Cocteau Twins, 10,000 Maniacs, and Lush. The band established a loyal

fan base in England and abroad. They followed the album with a tour of the states

as well as Japan and UK opening for Belly.

Following their 1990-91 tour, the band stayed very quiet until late 1992 with their sophomore

release Blind. Somewhat darker and more serious than

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, the album ventured to explore the

unseen side of life.

Unfortunately for fans, the band disappeared for 5 years

during which there has been a dearth of information.

Harriet and David, who have been together for over 10 years, recently had a child and built

their a music studio in their own home.

They finally broke the silence with a new album in 1997 aptly named Static & Silence.

The Sundays followed up a brief tour of the US and England in Fall 1997. At this time, further

tour plans and releases are not known.

This are for fun. Take one, if you want. No need to credit. =)