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autobiography (i think) [07 Mar 2006|02:24pm]

i read today that pete is about to publish his book titled "freak unique: my story" not sure when it'll be available, but i figured you guys would prob like to know about it!

have a great day!


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I have to have it [27 Jan 2006|08:57pm]

Okay, I need this series of Pete in Celebrity Big Brother. I live in the US and online I can only find this being aired in the UK. Does anybody know when this season will be available to buy?

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~.The Amazingness of Pete Burns .~ [16 Jan 2006|07:49pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I'd never heard of Pete Burns, or Dead or Alive until I started to watch this series of Celebrity Big Brother, and I must say, I was amazed at his voice! He's so good, and I straight away feel in love with "You Spin Me Round" (Which I have had on repeat for the last hour), and bought "Evolution".
Long live being different!

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Curious [26 Jul 2005|05:22am]

[ mood | curious ]

Anyone know where I could get these songs:


listCollapse )

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Only if your interested [30 Jun 2005|11:56am]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Hello everyone,

I am in the position of getting rid of a few Dead or Alive items and figured I would inform you all incase you had interest. NO, I do not want to berid of these things but Im going through a 'mutual agreement' about some items. Feel free to take a look and bid if you want!

For auction details...Collapse )

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Konnichiwa, minna! [01 May 2005|06:24pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hiiii! Well, what can I say, I love DoA, I LURVE Pete, and well, I got every album cept for Fan the Flame (that is a tough one to find, ne?). Well, I also haven't got the rare early stuff like "Black Leather" (waah, me want), but I got a lot of 12' vinyl records.. believe it or not, those things pop up a lot at used record stores!

I am glad to finally be a part of this LJ community and I hope you all like me!

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[05 Apr 2005|11:27pm]

Hey! Just wanted to say i love Pete and DOA but i wish this community was a bit more active so we could all share more stuff bout them!
Also, I noticed lots of people were after that Boy George and Pete Burns interview? Well its for sale again on ebay here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7506262294&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT


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Ooh.. [30 Jan 2005|01:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So, I have had this poster for sometime now and ready to expose it to the world-=but if my place is broken into and this is found missing, I know what dolls to suspect=-. So this is a priceless find, and dated at 1985, of none other than Pete Burns.

P.s. My apologizes for the glare, but this is framed!

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hey yall!!! [18 Nov 2004|05:07pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

hey, im kinda new to this whole thing, so yeah.......hi!!! i just love dead or alive, i think i know a few people from here, like CARLO, i usually hang by the dead or alive forum, yup yup. im 15, and i think dead or alive is the best ever!!!! so, yeah. add me to ur friends list if u wanna. :) im out

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[16 Jun 2004|04:45pm]
i would like to say
that doa's covers of
whys it's so hard-madonna
even better than the real thing-u2
are all fantastic
his voice is uber sexy!

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Everybody needs a thrill [16 Jun 2004|05:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Just listened a recording of an interview Boy George did with Pete Burns... t'was super! Recorded late 2003 I think, on London's LBC radio. Has anybody else heard it? A transcript of it would be superb...

Also, might I add, the DOA version of Prince's Pop Life is fantastic, if you haven't heard it.

Anyway, bye all!

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oh my [13 Jun 2004|01:16pm]
i just joined and i just wanted to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Dont say I never give you anything... [12 Jun 2004|07:51pm]

I probably shouldnt do this, but what the hell.

Here is the new Pete Burns/PSP project, "Jack and JIll Party". Please buy the single if you can, its definatly worth it. This download will be online for 24 hours.

Pete Burns - Jack and Jill Party

xstatic_ = x_euphoria

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Ok. [06 Jun 2004|04:29pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

This community needs a damn kick up the ass.

Suggestions? Im on a drive to revive 3 of my communities...:D

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IN NEED! [25 May 2004|10:13pm]

[ mood | *Yawn* ]

Anyone have the full mp3 of I Paralyze or YSMR 2003 version by DOA? It would be mucho appreciated. ;)

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J&JP News [21 May 2004|08:41am]

[ mood | Tired ]

I've received a bit of news the other day that J&JP should be coming out real soon at the PSB website. So keep a look out.

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Hmm... [17 May 2004|04:32pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Ok, so im packing to go home, and im looking for fun mp3s to listen to...and I find these;

Dead or Alive - Pop Life : Ive never heard of this, can anyone tell me what CD its from? I have an odd feeling that its something PSP related...?

Divine - You Think Youre a Man [Dead or Alive Mix] : Now, im a HUGE fan of Divine, and ive never even heard of this...so yeah, excitement.

If anyone is interested ill upload them later. :)


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Opinions aloud! [16 May 2004|06:35pm]

[ mood | awake ]

How does everyone like the new single, 'Jack and Jill Party'? Good, bad, could be better? I find the song to be fantastic, but have read mixed reviews about the song. Just curious. Also, where did everybody go? It's really sad that there are not more sites like this for DOA and Pete fans, and I love this site! I'll do my best to spread the word. Hugs.

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NEWS!!!! [13 May 2004|11:10am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

You can hear a sample of the new song 'Jack and Jill Party'at the Pet Shop Boys official site petshopboys.co.uk !!!!!

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Greetings [11 May 2004|12:26pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Hi everyone, this site is absolutely beautiful! To those of you who know me from TRS Forum, it's me, Brittany. Hi Carlo and you too Dave!

Pete is my sex God *wink*

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