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Ever wonder what it felt like....

...to sit at the 'cool table'?

-*The Cool Table*-
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

* Fill out the application, and post at least 3 clear photos of your face. Bodyshots are not neccessary, and for the most part annoying in an application unless asked for. And we're not asking for them. If accepted, feel free to post them then.
* You may post your application outside of an lj-cut, but please, make sure the photos are behind it.
* Be sure when applying to put "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" in the subject line so that you'll be judged.
* We're not going to always be extra nice to everyone, and sometimes people will just be downright rude. Unless one of the mods feels like a stamped member has overstepped their boundaries, we're going to let this slide. So, if you can't handle the heat, stay the fuck out of the kitchen.
* When applying, you may only comment on your post. If found commenting without a stamp, you will be banned. Unless for some reason, we [the mods] are having a good day, or feel like giving you special treatment.
* ONCE STAMPED, you may post pictures, post to start conversations, or promote for other communities. Although, if promoting for another community, please return the favor and promote for us in it. <3
* Vote on new applicants with either a yes, or no. If "undecided", the mods will count this as a "no" vote in the final tally. You are warned. Feel free to elaborate on your answers. That's always fun. Heh.
* And finally, don't piss the mods off. After all, it is our community, we can do what we please. :-D This includes having the right to stamp someone whether or not they get in by recieving more "yes's" than "no's". If we like em enough, then that's all we need.


If you could be any character in a movie, book, or TV show, who would you be, and why?
Favorite Sounds/Sensations:
Favorite 80s Teen Movie:

What is your opinion on:

Same Sex Marriages?
Having Exotic Animals as pets?
George W. Bush?

Were you invited?
If you saw the moderators of this community walking down the street, what would be your first thought? [there are 2 moderators, people! xylerastro and sl33pingbeauty.]
And, finally, who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?


Now, let's move on, and Meet Your Mods...

Lindsey, a.k.a., sl33pingbeauty
Xyler, a.k.a., xylerastro

Accepted Members [who are cooler than you]:

* angel_habibi
* takeanacidbath
* ravinraven
* chez_pez
* thedk
* voyeur_eyesonly
* siouxsieofdeath
* emberlyn
* spentangel
* requerda_me
* seductivebambi
* fakeasmile26
* anesth3sia
* lovesaidnotome
* paper_pirate_
* xadornation
* tinkermemandi
* xwide_eyesx
* jurellai
* peachysins
* xxradiogrrl
* _infiction
* notaavictim
* _righthurr
* just4maria
* xviciousvixenx
* xthehawtnessx
* xbeaucoeurx
* pinkimarli
* blame01
* stolenkharma
* maybe__never
* xanda_k
* pained_cries
* isserley
* bugsdrugscandy
* lilpixiedreamer
* shrilledgreep
* candacethegreat
* xxanticipatexx
* xxheartxcorexx
* _your_mom
* revmanson5478
* heartofiris
* babity
* thatgirl_thalie
* last_laugh
* _storybook
* corkysaysrawr
* ocean_soul
* rockefellar

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