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The Inferno

Welcome to Hell's Flames

11/11/05 07:18 pm - killer_fea - Home Sweet Home

Characters:Fea, various others

A Quiet EveningCollapse )

11/3/05 11:29 am - _devil_inside - Welcome to Solamente Asilo

Characters: Colonel Trenmont, various others.
Rating: PG probably.

EntrancesCollapse )

11/3/05 10:27 am - awolfeinthewild - The transport, sometime in the afternoon, near the compound

Continuation from here.

Characters Fea, Kris, Oscar, Lianna
Rating G, I guess

Umm...I'm kind of godmoding the transport to the city (well, someone had to do it :P). No one's talking to Oscar at the moment anyway, so I hope it shouldn't be too disruptive.

ArrivalCollapse )

11/1/05 04:06 pm - child_of_diluce - Morning, or something like it, same orphanage, same underground city (totally open)

Characters: Deirdre, nurse (so far)
Rating: PG-13 (talk of bathing nude)

I'm thinking that she's probably going to arrive at the bunker about the same time as the caravan unless something interferes with her trek there. That way, she can at least meet some of the other characters. ^_^()

Deirdre's not deadCollapse )

10/31/05 04:14 pm - clearsightblind - BACKSTORY PART 3

Characters:Dydrial and Angelo
Rating: R for eventual violence.

The end of GreystoneCollapse )

10/27/05 02:19 pm - terrible_tinker - Daybreak in Solomente Asilo

Continued from here. Sorry about the delay.

Characters: Tony, Chase
Rating: Pg-13 (for language)

I need a new line of work...Collapse )

10/6/05 04:02 pm - killer_fea - Still on the transport, about an hour and a half from the compound.

Continuation of this thread.

Characters: Fea, Kris, Oscar, Lianna
Rating: Pg-13ish

Almost HomeCollapse )

9/24/05 04:51 pm - _devil_inside - After the rising sun in Solamente Asilo - Down in Dante's office

Continuation of this thread.

Characters: Dante, Tony, Chase
Rating: Pg-13 (for language, of course.)

Someone needs a hug.Collapse )

9/18/05 03:02 am - _kinslayer_ - BACKSTORY PART 2 // CLOSED

Characters: Dydrial and Angelo
Rating: PG again? Same warnings apply. Angst. omg. :o

I am no man's son.Collapse )

9/18/05 02:58 am - _kinslayer_ - BACKSTORY // CLOSED

Characters: Dydrial and Angelo
Rating: Uhh... PG? I think? I don't think they even curse at each other. Lots of talk of killing, though. Hee. *pets A*

What... the hell... was something like that doing here?Collapse )

9/14/05 09:13 pm - xx_spikes_xx - Its been days...

I wonder if anyone will every pass by...
And then finally a knock at the doorCollapse )

8/31/05 02:31 pm - reanimator_don - Morning sometime/ aboveground near Don's freezer/ open

Characters: Don Hawking
Rating: M for horror themes and minor surgical procedures

just looking to make some new FriendsCollapse )

8/28/05 02:30 pm - awolfeinthewild - Still on the caravan south-east of Solamente Asilo/ early morning/ OPEN

Characters: Oscar, eventually Kris and Fea
Rating G

So you wake up in the morning...Collapse )

8/27/05 06:45 pm - killer_fea - Still above ground in Solamente Asilo

Characters: Fea
Rating: R for gore and language...

Home again, home again...Collapse )

8/25/05 10:09 pm - _devil_inside - Just before dawn in Solamente Asilo.

Characters: Dante, Chase, Tony, with references to Trish.

The darkest hour is just before dawn.Collapse )

8/25/05 03:03 am - clearsightblind - Underground, Solamente Asilo, around the time Dante is heading back...

Characters: Dydrial, reference to Tony
Rating: PG

Read more...Collapse )

8/21/05 07:44 pm - xx_spikes_xx - Still waiting for a caravan...

Out in the wastelands, scavenging for suppliesCollapse )

8/18/05 10:11 pm - _devil_inside - West Side of Solamente Asilo, about three blocks from the ocean. CLOSED THREAD

Continuing this thread.

Characters: Dante, references to Trish

Rating: PG-13 at least.

The more things change, the more they stay the same...Collapse )

8/16/05 09:54 pm - _kinslayer_ - It's done! =D

Characters: Angelo
Setting: Nighttime at an abandoned library on the surface
Rating: PG

Angelo goes snooping through people's diaries. Well, kinda. They WERE at a library...Collapse )

8/16/05 01:26 am - bigmuthahunter - A caravan, aprox. 175 miles south-east of Solamente Asilo...

Characters: Kristopher Coheed, random guard, a few demons
Rating: R

The Happy HunterCollapse )

8/14/05 11:46 pm - killer_fea - Here goes nothing...

Characters: Fea and a few npc buisness men
Rating: Maybe PG-13
Buisness and PleasureCollapse )

8/13/05 11:06 pm - child_of_diluce - "Lights Out", an orphanage in innercity Solamente Asilo-- Deirdre's Intro

Characters: Deirdre, nurse, various orphans
Rating: G. No guns, no blood, no violence.

And now for something completely differentCollapse )

8/12/05 01:25 am - clearsightblind - So as to avoid a huuuge thread...

Continuing This thread

Characters: Dydrial, Don, Dante (heh, triple D's there)
Rating: at least PG-13

My, what an interesting night...Collapse )

8/10/05 06:56 am - terrible_tinker - Right on the front doorstep...

Characters: Tony Redgrave, Chase Walters
Rating: PG

Late eveningCollapse )

8/10/05 12:48 am - clearsightblind - A short while later, Rodeo Drive, Blood Alley....

Characters: Dydrial, random demons, a reference to Dante and Alastor.
Rating: PG-13

Blood on pavement makes for a slippery stroll.Collapse )

8/10/05 01:43 am - xxelectrocute - Night/Demonlished residential neighborhood/Open if you want it to be. :D

Characters: Trish
Rating: Meh...I give it a PG-13, for her bad little naughty thoughts.
OOC Note: The devil made me do it. No, really. She wanted to blow things up. >.> Silly Trish. Also written on a soda and Ovaltine high. PH33R. XD

And you wonder why I call her Sparky...Collapse )

8/9/05 06:54 pm - silver_arrows - Outskirts of Solamente Asilo

Characters: Chase Walters, Colonel
Rating: PG 13

ArrivalsCollapse )

8/10/05 11:04 am - reanimator_don - Sometime towards evening/ a shop on the outskirts / open

Characters: Don Hawking, a shopkeeper
Rating: G

Commerce after the fallCollapse )

8/9/05 05:53 pm - _devil_inside - About two hours after sunset, in Blood Alley

Characters: Dante, the demon pack, reference to Alastor
Rating: R (violence)

Oh, a-hunting we will go, a-hunting we will go...Collapse )

8/8/05 12:51 am - clearsightblind - Same time, about a mile south of Solamente Asilo...

Character: Dydrial Greystone, Major Beckman
Rating: PG

Read more...Collapse )

8/5/05 12:35 pm - reanimator_don - About the same time as previous post/ Somewhere aboveground/ Open

Characters: Don Hawking, a dog
Rating: PG13
Somewhere abovegroundCollapse )

8/4/05 05:22 pm - _devil_inside - Opening Scene - closed

Characters: Dante, Colonel, the city
Rating: PG
Introduction to the CityCollapse )
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