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you make me wanna LA LA in the kitchen on the floor

....you make me wanna s c r e a m

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1) First 10 people get in, but they still have to fill out the application.
2) Your MODs are da shit... don't piss them off or your ass is banned.
3) There must be at least three pictures with your application. One must be a clear face shot, and one must be a body shot.
4) The whole application must be under a LJ cut or we'll trash it. No warnings.
5) You must be at least 14 years old. No babies.
6) Dont bitch if you dont get accepted, try back in a week with NEW pictures.
7) You will be rated ½ on personality, and ½ on looks.
8) Bold either the questions, or answers. Its a pain in the ass, but get over it.
9) Feel free to promote us, but do NOT promote here unless you have to promote back.
10) You need to post your application as soon as you join. If you dont, you will be banned.
11) Be brutally honest. Let it all out. If they have a weird looking nose, tell them! Dont hold back.
12) Put 'tap dis bitch' in the subject line so we know you read the rules.
13) Undecided votes are counted as a 'no'. So choose wisely.
14) All members must have a reason for their vote. The MODS may put just 'yes' or 'no' if they wish.

Sexual Preferance:

Your choice
Favorite 7+ bands:
Favorite 4+ movies:
Favorite 2+ books:
Favorite color:
Favorite food:

Either Or..
Candy or ice cream? Why?:
Pink or black? Why?:
Miami or Boston? Why?:
Coke or pepsi? Why?:
Ocean or pool? Why?:
CD or radio? Why?:

Views - elaborate god damnit
Gay Marriage:
Britney Spears:

The End
How did you find us?
How will you contribute to the community?:
What do you think of the MODs?:
Promote us to two places [one must be a community,but none of those 'promo communities'] and show proof:
Picture time. At least 3:

Chelsea <3 x_blue_eyez

Brittany <3 ___________damn

Emily <3 yellowm_m