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the new _stencilry; [entries|friends|calendar]

this is the new _stencilry. there are new rules.

      do not request stencils. ever. even in comments. your post/comment will be deleted the first time. the second time, you will be banned. do it here.

      before asking for assistance with anything check the memories or ask around in the chat. then make a post. if it is something that is obviously in the memories the post will be deleted and you will be banned.

      don't be a dumbass. don't use copyrighted work. if it's obvious that you are you will be ridiculed and have no friends in this community. try to avoid posting your photoshopped pictures. we want to see the finished product.

      have fun.
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a recent griffon stencil [24 Jan 2011|01:01am]


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nub [03 Jul 2010|12:47pm]

I'm sure this is a quick question for anybody with knowledge on the subject, to a nube it's a mystery. (Already had a good weed through the memories and a few other communities, nothing really covers it.)

Long story short, people want their names in white on these black tshirts, and there'll be no iron/washing machine/etc available. What's the optimal way to do this?

The stencil part is no trouble, I'm just clueless on the actual painting/getting it to stick/preferably not be stiff bit, so any help would be fabulous! :s
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help :( [01 Jun 2010|11:32am]

so i know this question has probably been asked a million times, but is there a way to get paint off a shirt if it bleeds?! i'm currently making a shirt for tonights true blood ultimate fan experience and when i was doing the fangs it started bleeding. can i use like nail polish remover or something to touch it up? :( it looked absolutley perfect until just now!! its totally my fault for using too much paint but still. i'm bummed.
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Brain design needed! [14 Mar 2010|11:24pm]


So I wanted to submit a design for my neuroscience club at my university. Problem is, my creativity has been lacking lately -_-. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to maybe make a design involving the brain with a clever (school appropriate) slogan to match. I'll mail you a shirt after they're printed out!!

Thanks bunches!
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[31 Oct 2009|01:32pm]

anyone have or wanna make a butternut squash stencil?
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[04 Jun 2009|01:47pm]

i work at hot topic and we tried to promote DIY for a while by selling blank totes and other things as well as fabric paint. it didnt go so well at our store, so i did one to put on display. the paint was a little different in consistency than what i normally use, so i had to outline everything in black because it bled a little.

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[15 May 2009|01:02am]

I have a stupid question..
When you do the "layered" stencils.
How do you know how to cut the papers out and what to spray paint first.
I feel so stupid even thinking "how to do it."
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Blank tees [01 Apr 2009|09:56am]

Where's the best place to buy good blank tees online?
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Have you heard of this book? I just got it and it's Amazing. Full of great ideas. [20 Dec 2008|04:26pm]

The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith

The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith
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obvious question? [14 Dec 2008|03:32am]

hi all.

i have a question that's most likely pretty obvious but i can't figure it out myself nor find the answer.
how does one make LARGE stencils?
i know theoretically, it just involves printing the image out in pieces, like a puzzle but (here's where my moron part comes into play) how do i DO this part?

currently, i just use something like microsoft word: would this not work for large stencils?
obviously so far i've only had experience with stencils around notebook paper sized but i'm trying to make something for my somewhat large brother so a notebook sized designs not gonna cut it here.

please help, i gotta make xmas gift t-shirts!

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Have You Registered to Vote? It's Easy & You Can Do It Online. Only Days Left. [02 Oct 2008|10:15am]

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Billy Idol t-shirt.. [10 Aug 2008|03:02pm]

so i have three stencils:




and i've been messing with them, trying to figure out the best placement for them on the shirt but i am stumped. here's what i have at the moment:


any help would be greatly appreciated. and feel free to use the stencils if you'd like! =o)
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ideas? [22 Jul 2008|10:29pm]

i'm looking for ideas/suggestions, if anyone could help me out.
i got white low top chucks the other day that are just way too plain for my taste.
i'm debating about either stenciling black zebra stripes all over them or some sort of long but thinish picture around it.

what would you do? and if you go with the picture, do you have any ideas for it? i'm about a size 6 1/2 in girls and they're low tops so it'd be a somewhat small, stretched out looking design.

another one: anybody ever stencil on shoes before? any tips or anything?

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[11 Jul 2008|04:17am]

so i just recently got into stenciling. i made myself a shirt and one for my boyfriend. these are my very first attempts at stenciling. tell me what you think :)

theres a first time for everythingCollapse )
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HELP?? [22 Jun 2008|08:03pm]

I have a question:

I am running into this problem a lot lately, particularly when using WHITE PAINT on a BLACK SHIRT. I find that when i peel away the transparency, there is a gray outline on some parts of the stencil (appears to be some sort of bleeding). I use scotch 3m adhesive and FOLK ART (walmart) ACRYLIC PAINT. The transparency I am using is top of the line transparency (staples 20 sheets retails for about $30). DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY THIS IS HAPPENING? Is the paint too runny? Or, is it the transparency?


Any solutions are much appreciated
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[14 Jun 2008|04:19pm]

acrylic on cardboard

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[08 Jun 2008|04:10pm]

sten-salsCollapse )
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Yayay [26 May 2008|01:30am]

 Another stencil i am super duper proud of. This is the first stencil i feel i can take TOTAL credit for, becuase i took the picture, turned it into a stencil, and then put it on a shirt. All other stencil's ive made in the past were either already stencil, or had just been lyrics. 

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[18 May 2008|11:15pm]

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Hey There [15 May 2008|12:10am]

Hi stencil fiends! For a long time now I have taken a break from stenciling on clothing simply because I had lost inspiration for doing so, but two weeks ago I had that divine spark inspire a fantastic idea to accentuate a patch I am planning on sewing on to a hoodie I came to poses.

The reason why I am posting is that this particular hoodie has/will have when completed significant meaning to me and I want a crisp, and clean, professional look to the finished product. In the past I simply used regular printer paper and a delicate hand for regular store bought spray paint. After three to five years, most of the shirts I created still look great - however the five year old one has faded greatly. So... what should I use to create that magnificence I'm looking for? Parchment paper? Waxed paper? Mylar - (The plastic sheets sold at most craft stores... I'm actually horrible at cutting this so maybe not?)? But more importantly what sort of paint should I procure? Could I use the spraypaint I have if only I use some high-quality spray adhesive? (The one I have hasn't worked as far as I can tell.)

An example of what I am looking to accomplish, in terms of quality, is like this:
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Of course when I am done I will certainly share here! And explain why the hoodie would have such an important meaning to me that I would post a paragraphs worth of questions just to make this project perfect.
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