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Rules & Regulations

1. How to Register as a Spree Organizer

_spreee spree organiser registration is closed w.e.f. 5 January 2009.
All emails pertaining to registration will be immediately ignored and deleted.

2. Posting Requirements

a) Posting in the community is moderated.

b) Font sizes are not to exceed size '4' in html mode or 'medium' in rich text mode.

c) Only a maximum of ONE picture & 22 LINES is allowed outside of the lj-cut: 22 lines includes feedback link, picture must be resized to a maximum of 320 x 320 pixels (Slideshows are not pictures.)

d) One spree per entry. Do not combine 2 or more sprees into a single entry.

e) All of your entries are required to have titles & spree status pertaining to the spree you are organizing.

Gojane spree #1 OPEN
And IF you repost: Gojane spree #1 REPOST
Should you decide to open yet another gojane spree, it is to be named Gojane Spree #2 OPEN, and so on.

f) Only ONE repost per spree is permitted, and you are not allowed to repost if your first entry is still on the first page. Please do not delete your first repost and post a second repost. If caught doing so or posting a second repost, you will face suspension for an undetermined amount of time.

g) Do not edit/delete your entries, regardless of the kind of entry it is. This also applies to both scenarios of cancellation and switching of sprees (for example from a gojane spree to a forever21 spree). Should you decide to switch sprees, simply post a new entry. Do not delete or edit your former entry – instead, put in brackets the word (cancelled) beside the former spree title and post a new entry.

h) Spree request/'testing response' entries are not allowed. Users may post spree requests in a monthly post which link can be found on the community main page side bar.

i) Spree posts should not contain links to outside _spreee, except to spree websites, spreefeedback & sgspreefeedback or any other spree communities' feedback pages for reference.

3. Spree Organizing


a) All sprees are to be held within _spreee, i.e. you are not allowed to hold sprees in friends-only communities nor your own journals.

b) Comments are not allowed to be screened.
Participant personal information however, can be taken in your own private journals and only then and there can comments be screened. Comments are only allowed to be screened in "looking for blahblahblah person" posts and other posts of that nature.

c) CONFISCATION OF MONEY IS STRICTLY DISALLOWED. You will be banned immediately and future applications will be rejected.

d) Organisers are not allowed to use accounts other than those registered with _spreee to conduct any part of a spree, i.e. if nick 1 is registered with _spreee, you should use nick 1 to reply order comments/questions on spree page, use nick 1 to email your participants, use your nick 1 account to collect participants' mailing addresses.

e) Spree organisers are to hold items for spree participants for 2 weeks; if items are still unclaimed two weeks after items' arrival, the items are at your disposal (after repeated failed attempts to contact participants).

f) Spree organisers who wish to conduct a spree jointly should include valid spreefeedback links in spree posts.

g) Spree organizers are only allowed to delete comments that belong to the following categories:

• Queries on sizing
• Requests to share certain promotions/offers
• What modes of payment is accepted
• Meet-ups/form of collection
• Orders that have failed to have payment in before spree closure

Organizers are now required to request for permission before they are allowed to delete comments that do not belong to these categories. If you are reported by the commenter to have committed the crime, you will be dealt with accordingly.

Website sprees:

a) All spree organizers are to follow the community’s fixed exchanged rates. Spree organisers who have been charged rates higher than those set by the community are to email both the mods (mods.of.spreee@gmail.com) & spree participants with proof of higher exchange rates charged; i.e. url of spree, date of spree, invoice of spree, printscreen shot of bank statement. Spree organisers are NOT to collect these extra amounts from spree participants without the mods' approval.

b) Handling fees should not exceed 50c. The cost of envelopes, sticky tape, etc. should be included in this 50c. Handling fees are not to be imposed for meet-up collections.

c) Profiteering is disallowed. We unfortunately cannot control profiteering when it comes to supplier sprees because of transparency issues.

d) Collection of initial shipping charges :

i) Apparel sites - max $3/item
ii) Makeup/accessory sites - max $2/item

If the eventual shipping charges are less than what was initially collected, kindly inform your participants and refund them accordingly. We have no control over this matter because it just seems a little overboard to be requesting for screen prints for every single spree, but it’s just a matter of integrity.

Supplier sprees:

a) Supplier spree organizers are only allowed to hold 2 supplier sprees per week.

b) You are now only required to have 15 pieces of ONE design in VARIOUS COLORS AND SIZES for your "spree" to be considered a spree.

c) In consideration of authenticity/copyright/legal/IP policies in place, supplier sprees for all branded items claimed to be authentic or otherwise will no longer be allowed within _spreee.

d) In-stock sprees will require actual quantities of items spree-ed for.


4. Spree Participation

a) _spreee is now members-only, you need to join the community as a member to post your orders.

b) As we are trying to reduce the restrictions within the community, we seek the understanding of all spree participants to participate in sprees at your own discretion.

c) If you are not comfortable with the way a particular spree organizer is holding her spree, just don't participate.

d) Don't bitch about spree organisers unnecessarily and be nice to them! They are the reason you can get clothes from America and beyond.

5. Feedback

a) All spree organizers are to refer to the
memories section of
spreefeedback for their feedback pages.

b) Only feedback for sprees held within _spreee should be left in spreefeedback.

c) Feedback should be left in the format provided on the profile page of spreefeedback. Any feedback that is not left in the proper format should not be included in organisers' feedback counts, they are considered void and will be deleted.

d) Spree organizers are to post a link to their feedback page every time they hold an entry, along with their accurate feedback count - posts with inaccurate feedback count will be rejected, organisers with falsified feedback counts will face suspension.

Please note that a new negative feedback system is in place as of 10 September 2007:

2 neutral fb = 1 negative fb

• 0-10 fb :: 1 negative fb = permanent ban,
• 10-100 fb :: 2 negative fb = permanent ban,
• 101-200 fb :: 3 negative fb = permanent ban,
• anyone with 5 or more negative feedback will be banned immediately.

Organisers with more than 500 fb will be banned once their negative fb accounts for more than 1% of their total feedback; this will also be subject to discretion of mods, depending on the severity of feedback given.

Spree organisers with feedback counts that warrant bans will be banned immediately at time of feedback checking; the possibility of garnering new feedbacks which may have an impact on feedback count will not be entertained.

6. Suspension and Banning System

1 warning:
• re-submit rejected entries without making ammends accordingly

You will be suspended after 3 warnings.

Immediate suspensions:
• Rudeness towards us moderators.
• Sending _spreee related emails to moderators' personal inboxes/leaving similar comments on moderators' livejournals
• Deletion of comments.
• Deletion/editing of entries
• Falsifying actual quantities available for supplier sprees / feedback count
• Spamming of the mods email [mods.of.spreee@gmail.com]

• After 3 suspensions you will be banned.
• Confiscation of money.
• Providing false information during spree organizer registration.
• Found of dishonest act. (eg. profiteering etc.)

*Outcomes and actions taken might vary from case to case.

Please do not exploit any loopholes in the rules & regulations you might have stumbled upon. It is not fun to have to create new rules all the time.

Thank you.

Credits to sgspree & sgselltrade for some parts of the information posted above.