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Spanglish - Speak it, write it, love it, learn it, live it.

Keep A "Spanglish" Journal Online at _spanglish_
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When you are learning a foreign language, what do they tell you to do? Practice, practice, practice. One of the most common methods of practice is keeping a journal, where you include as many new words from the language you are learning as possible.

Well, this is a community just for that purpose. Anyone who currently speaks English and is trying to learn Spanish is welcome to post their "Spanglish" journals in this community. (Sorry to discriminate, but I think this journal will be most effective if it keeps to one first language and one language being learned.) My hope is that members will help each other learn by sharing vocabulary and grammar tips. When giving feedback, please be kind and remember that everyone is on a different level with their learning.

I also encourage any posts relating to your experiences learning Spanish and Hispanic culture.

To see how to make special characters, please see "memories".

This community is maintained by face_and_memory. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line by emailing me at behs2007@gmail.com or on AIM at losmismoscielos. Thanks, and enjoy the community!

Thank you to truthbetold.