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are you hott enough?
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new members
-you must be at least 13 to apply
-don't get an attitude with stamped members, or i may consider banning you!
-you may not comment on any other entry besides your own if you haven't been accepted yet
-application must be behind lj-cut (if you don't know how, leave a comment on my lj and i'll tell you)
-when applying, you must put "tell me i'm hot" in the subject line to show you read the rules
-you must answer all questions on the application
-you have to apply within 48 hours (after you join)
-you'll be either accepted or rejected two days after joining.
-if you're rejected, you can apply again in 2 days with new pictures
-if you get rejected a second time, i wouldn't bother coming back :)

accepted members
-you must promote like crazy
-stay active, vote, and participate
-you can be honest when judging, but don't be too rude
-promoting is okay, but any banners must be behind lj-cut
-welcome to make banners

the basics
Who invited you (if applicable):

opinions (pick two)
george bush:
gay marriage:
war in iraq:
teen drinking:


promote us to at least one community and show the link (make sure it's a place where people will actually see it):

do you promise to vote and promote?:

post at least three clear pictures of yourself:


-we have 10 members, so now we'll be voting.
-once we have 15 members we'll start to have contests and themes
-once we have 20 members we'll have a "hottie of the month" contest
so start promoting!!
-new contest: who ever gets the most people to join (by promoting) will win 1 auto-accept, and 1 auto-reject! ill announce the winner in 1 week.
-you guys are welcome to make banners, and if i like them, i'll use them.
-if any of you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know, i'd love to hear!


i made this little one for your user-info

made by _5u9ar


1oxx_lala_xoo 13jessie_lynn1086 25llamalover06
2lost_inadam 14johnnyclub 26bangin_xoobella
3defective05 15badc_bmx_369 27katiegurl66
4in_this_love 16_goodnightkiss_ 28x_oh_x
5_onelastdance_ 17silentlytold 29__0utrage0usz
6misundersto0d 18randomfish11 30sweet_shadow
7xxsexystarsxx 19biffitalot35 31_5u9ar
8the_real_fluz 20xomilannox 32secret_passage
9lovestruckx3 21hottpinkglitter 33silent__cry
10hotaslava2024 22hersecretsmile 34xxvanish
11tellurbfthnkyou 23katiie_x0x
12yellowm_m 24a_failing_heart

the_real_fluz just for being herself
_fluz_ "
xobriannalynnox fake!
approachmdnight get a life

don't forget to join...