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Aren’t I So Adorable?

If anyone invited you, who was it?: no one.
Name: jaymie
Age: 15
Gender: female
Location: colorado
Sign: leo
Sexual Preference: bisexual
Status (Provide picture if possible): taken♥... his name is tony :)

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that other girl is my bestfriend her name is ashley.

Favorites (Post 3-5 of each)
Movies: a walk to remember, head over heals, tommyboy, troy, thirteen
TV Shows: inuyasha&&fullmetal alchemist (its japanese anime (im japanese)), && south park
TV Channels: uhh cartoon network (adult swim), mtv, tlc, animal planet haha im sucha nerd
Magazines: 17, cosmo, allure.
Bands/Singers: taking back sunday, the used, the distillers, jack's mannequin, the rolling stones, and ayumi hamasaki, wakefield, &&eminem
Stores: gadzooks, hollister&&bloomies
Foods/Drinks: japanese noodles, tofu soup and rice &&chicken
Colors: pink, black, white, and puurple

About you
What are your pet peeves?: ooh boy, ihave a lot. here is jussst a few,
when people look through my purse,
when people ask me for gum,
when pants is to short but they are worn anyways,
when poeple color in different directions,

What do you like to do in your free time?: livejournal, run, socceer, take pictures of myfriends and random things, volunteer, loaf around, and coach a 7 year old soccer team :)
Who do you look up to, and why?: Whitney she’s on an older soccer team but still in the same soccer club. I play up a couple years and everyone was really really mean to me because I took their playing time, and because I was younger, shy, and they could gang up on me because they’d known each other longer and had ‘clicks’ established, if you will. And the 16’s 17’s and 18’s practiced together and I was on the 16’s at the time and Whitney on the 18’s, and she took me in and helped me out a lot, and was almost like an older sister, she’s at auburn now in college, her second year, we still keep in touch.

Tell us what you think about... (Elaborate as much as possible)
sweetascandiixo: you have gorgeous hair and lips. and in your myspace pictures, i your eyes are absolutely gorgeous!
x0_precious: i love your eyes, they're so pure andd gorrrgeous!!
And Co-MODS:
bombshellxx: i think yourr simplyyy cute :)
jen_rox: i think you've got a gorgeous smile, and i love yourr hair.
Abortion: pro-choice
Piercings & Tattoos: i like em on certain people, and not on others. personally, i have my ears pierced 3 times each and a cartalage.
Plastic Surgery: a freaking waste of money, its not getting what you want, but wanting what youve got (sheryl crow), you gotta love yourself, im not saying be like cocky or conceeded, but love yourself.
Sex Before Marriage: if you're responsible enough to handle the consequences, and the pressure, and what ever else might come, then by all means, be my guest. in the end its a very personal decision. however, i believe that your virginity is the best gift you can give your husband.
Gay Marriage: im all for it, i dont see why its such a freaking big deal. love is love. gay marriage is marriage with a sexuallity label infront of it. thats like saying blacks can marry whites, a man and a woman are two humans in love. a man and a man, or a woman and a woman are STILL just two humans inlove. key words, two humans. we're the same thing.
Suicide: sad, selfish, and desperate. no one should ever feel this way ever. people just need to realize that no matter what theyve done, who they are, who they arent, and who they dont think still loves them, still loves them. and it would be the selfish thing to do, kill yourself, and leave your loved ones stranded here alone. all life is suffering, there is just no way around it. there are some good things. you just cant let the badd drag you down.
Paris Hilton: she's pretty i just dont like her nose, its kinda i donno, and i dont see what the big deal about her is. must we stalk her and her every movement. i mean yea, she makes really dumb decisions, but we dont have to make it public all the time. who cares if she might be a porn star, there are thousands of pornos out there and no one cares about them. why care about her.

This or That
Ashlee/Jessica: jessica
Hilary/Lindsay: lindsay
CD/Radio: cddd
Paris/Nicky: neither.
Mary-Kate/Ashley: mk♥
Chocolate/Vanilla: choco
The Real World/Laguna Beach: realworld
MTV/VH1: mtv
Tv/Computer: computer
Winter/Summer: SUMMER♥
Spring/Fall: spring
Pink/Purple: pink
Green/Blue: blue
Nike/Adidas: adidas
AIM/Phone: phone
Abercrombie/Aeropostale: abercrombie
Wetseal/H&M: wetseal
Gucci/Prada: gucci
Mall/Regular Store: mall
Purses/Backpacks: purse
Usher/Eminem: slliimshady
Guess/Coach: coach

Word Association
Eminem: slimshaddy
Pink: purple
Blue: green
Purse: coach
Abercrombie (and Fitch): chinese food makes me sick (LFo)
Adorable(dont say "me!"): kitty
Black: white
Ashlee Simpson: pieces of me
Mall: u turn (inside joke, ya wouldnt get it)
Goth: hottopic (good store :))
Homosexuality: boy
Mary-Kate and Ashley: eating disordar
Punk: rock
Usher: 6pack
Cute: butt
Rap: star
Beautiful: stalker (its a song)
Love: tony
Jesse McCartney: gay
Gorgeous: ashley
Relationship: tony&&lovee

Make Us Laugh
If you could be a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours, what would you do?:
id either go streaking at my school and party boy my natzi for a dean, then either just start makeing out with tony, and freak him the fuck out. lol

The Community
Promote us to atleast 3 places, and prove it with the links.. (We will check so making them up wont work):


Why should you be accepted into _so_adorable?: Because I’m So Adorable

Post A Salute [username @ livejournal.com]:
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3-5 Recent Pictures These can be with others, as long as there's atleast 1 of JUST you.. and you let us know who the other people are:

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