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I Need Points!

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^^ This was my SIMPLE hairdoo. I got it done, all the lady had to do was bring back my front hair, clip it, then spiral curl the hair she clipped, then she flipped out the sides for me. I personally loved it (loved it even more because it only cost me 8 bucks, rather than the 35 dollar up doo's.) I wanted my hair down anyways.

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^^ This is me and Steve (my boyfriend) before we got dressed.

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^^ This is my corsage. Me and steve AGREED we wouldn't get eachother a corsage and bootineer(sp). But his mom insisted i have one. So an hour before Homecoming i ran out and got Stephen a bootineer because i felt bad :(

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^^ Me and Steve, when we FINALLY got dressed.

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^^ Steve & Pickle. I know what your thinking.. "PICKLE?".. That's his nickname b/c his last names Pickarello.. so it suits him well. I'll show ya in a different entry what i made for his football games.. hehe.

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^^ Me and the Boy Again

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^^ After all the pictures, FINALLY at the dance.
I took pictures at the dance, but i showed you some fo those in my application already, and the rest turned out bad.

But yeah, our homecoming here is huge, we have floats, parades, games, pep rallies, spirit days, hardcore decorating at the dance, and themes. It's pretty fun, This year wa sa blast. The dance was amzeing, Our DJ had a big screen that either showed the music videos of the songs, or the crowd in the school gym danceing.. It was pretty sweet if you ask me.

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