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Happy New Year! (with hobbits!) [01 Jan 2007|01:24am]

Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to work on any more Tsubasa icons, but I'm going through the 89 bases just posted at shinkenbases right now, so there will be more to come shortly. I also planned to update my Iroha iconfiend100 claim, but didn't get a chance to do that, either. *sigh* Oh well, it was my 18th birthday and I was having fun with my family, so I don't feel too bad about it. :3

At any rate, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Gads, 2006 flew by. I can't believe it's already 1 January 2007. O_o

In celebration, I whipped up a couple of LotR (which translates to Frodo) icons using mucun's lovely art. Just a few, nothing spectacular, but hopefully they will be enjoyed nonetheless. :3

.lord of the rings x o6
- frodo x o3
- frodo & sam x o3

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I hope that all of you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year!!! <3

[manga] Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE [31 Dec 2006|02:20am]

...Because this series has stolen my soul. X_x The prettiness is just too much to resist. By which I mean that I am hopelessly obsessed with Fai. XD

Just nine for now, but I may get a chance to add a few more tomorrow. Er, today. The only reason I'm posting them now is that I decided to include them in my batch of Birthday Mathoms, as today is my 18th birthday and I thought I should celebrate with you all. :3 So check back here periodically, as there may be more to come! (There will possibly be an Iroha iconfiend100 update as well.)

Oh yes, and I'm just about to post a patch of 90+ bases from volume one of Tsubasa over at shinkenbases, in case you're interested.

No previews, because there's so few. :P Comment + Credit, as usual!

.tsubasa x o9
- sakura x o2
- syaoran x o2
- syaoran&sakura x o4
- syaoran & fujitaka x o1

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[anime] Iroha @ iconfiend100 [13 Dec 2006|11:40pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Seeing as there is a tragic lack of BakumatsuKikansetsu Irohanihoheto love going around (well, apart from the amazing efforts of everyone at bk_iroha <3), I've gone and claimed the general series at iconfiend100. I am going to try and go in order, and post at least 10 icons with every update. I will be updating this post with each new batch, but of course I'll let everyone know each time I do so. ^^

You know the rules by now... comment x credit and everyone's happy. 8D

Pairing/Character: general series
Theme set: beta
# of icons completed total: 10/100
Credits: bases for #5 by midnightreverie. screencaps by midnightreverie and paulownia.

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Members Only! [11 Nov 2026|03:39pm]

[ mood | busy ]

As of today:

I am still in the process of going back and reorganizing (which includes friends-locking) the older posts, but from now on all posts here will be locked, so you'll have to join to see 'em! ^^x
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.the affiliate post [09 Aug 2006|11:11pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Figured I might as well have this all in one place, too. :)

I am always open to, and eager for, affiliates! Want to affiliate? Just leave a comment here!

[x] affiliates


.open membership! [27 Jun 2006|02:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

No new updates just yet (I promise, there will be a TON soon - I've been quite busy delving into new fandoms), but I wanted to let everyone know that _shinken now has an open membership. Please join so you can keep track of updates! ^^

That's about it. Oh, and the new layout by sidh_randomness... awesome, ne? Black Cat is one of my newer fandoms (as soon as I figure out how to convert .png files to .jpg, there'll be BC icons, too...). Still tweaking it a bit, of course. Because I'm obsessive-compulsive. XD

Ja na~!


Help! [04 May 2006|11:35pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Um, first of all - yeah, I'm still alive and making icons! Just haven't made enough to post a batch yet. But they ARE coming, I promise!!

Actually, that brings up a problem I have encountered, one which probably has a painfully simple solution. Would anyone happen to know how to convert a .png file to a .jpg??? I must confess myself completely stumped, having never attempted to do this before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

By the way... got myself several new anime/manga fandoms while I've been away. Anyone else like the series Black Cat? 'Cuz I think I'll be making a lot of icons for that one... GetBackers is also on my list now, although I'm sure that's popular enough to have lots of icons out there already. And of course, I have not forgotten old favorites: new LotR (mostly mucun art), Fruits Basket, and Rurouni Kenshin icons should be up shortly. No, really. :3


An update! (Just to prove I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth...) [03 Jan 2006|06:58pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Yes, I'm still around and icon-making, albeit very slowly. What with work, school, holidays, birthdays (I'm 17 now, *squee*!), etc., I have had little time for the computer! However, I am slowly but surely creeping back online, so you can expect more regular updates from me in the future. Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I only have a couple at the moment, but I'm in a creative mood right now *points to mood icon* so I'll probably be updating this post as I make more icons tonight.

So far I've got:

[3] Horatio Hornblower
ETA: [8] LotR (art by mucun)
ETA: [5] RL (Edward VI)

And right now I'm thinking about a couple RL icons, and probably a few various anime series. If you've a particular fandom you think I should give some attention, let me know! ^^

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P.S. The Shannon Casull icons for iconfiend100 have been updated recently. I'm up to 30/100 now. *cries*

ETA: Well, I think that's about it for tonight, unfortunately. I am being kicked off the only computer with Photoshop by my poor deprived siblings. :P However, I've been moving stuff around on my PhotoBucket and I just realized that I never updated any of the icon links. So I'll go up on my (new) laptop and get to work fixing those. :D

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[Sutepri]: Shannon Casull icons for iconfiend100 [23 Sep 2005|08:41pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Here are the Shannon Casull (Scrapped Princess - or "Sutepri") icons I've made thus far for the iconfiend100 challenge... I'll be updating this page as I try to make all 100, since I don't want to copy and paste that whole big giant bunch of code into a new entry every time. But I'll post a note announcing that I've updated it so no one misses out. (Because I know you're all just dying to see what new and original Shannon icon I've come up with this time! :P)

For those who are still waiting on their requested icons... I'm working on them! ^^; I have to work tomorrow but I hope to get them done by Sunday. Thanks for your patience!

You know the drill... comment x credit x enjoy! ^^

[x] Previews:

Onward!Collapse )

P.S. If you haven't seen Scrapped Princess before, I would highly recommend checking it out. The art is beautiful and the storyline is interesting and there are lots of very bishie bishounen to drool over. It might take a few episodes to grow on you, but stick with it long enough and I think you'll love it!

It's being released on DVD now - the fourth one will be out on October 25, I believe. There is also a manga series of it (which I don't particularly care for, but it might grow on me), as well as a series of novels that the anime is based on. These are being released by TokyoPop, and I think the first one will be out in November. But since it's such a new series there's, like, no fandom at all for it. So I've gotta spread the word! ;)

ETA: Whoops, almost forgot. Someone kick me if I've already posted about this, but would anyone be interested in the Frodo & Sam layout/FO Banner I've currently got over at elevenses? I'm pretty sure I can customize the text for you or leave it blank if you'd like... depends on whether or not I saved the blanks. (I can't remember!) ^^; Please let me know if you're interested, since I'll be replacing it soon!

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Requests &c... [18 Sep 2005|12:07pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Sheesh, finally. Sorry for the wait, everyone. I officially ha-.... DO NOT LIKE high school. :P Is it summer yet?

Anyway, here I have the first batch of requests - I've gotten a few more the last couple of days, so those will be following shortly. And, as I have FINALLY learned how to screencap in Windows Media Player, there will very likely be many Scrapped Princess icons to follow (hopefully today, but I have two essays to write so I don't know)! And Wolf's Rain, and Fullmetal Alchemist. And Whistle!, too. In addition to my other fandoms, of course.

Okay, enough rambling. Onto the icons!

You know the deal, those of you who requested: comment x credit (elevenses or _shinken) x enjoy! To everyone else: these icons were created specifically for the people who requested them, so please DO NOT use them without permission from their owners. Thanks! ^^

Also: Keep an eye on this post if I have not posted your request yet. I will be adding to it probably later today and throughout the week, if I have not finished all my current requests by tonight.

It's not magic, it's just shiny!Collapse )

P.S. Requests are still open, btw. Remember, any fandom, anime or otherwise, as long as it's not shounen-/shoujo-ai/yaoi/yuri-themed. Feel free to request more than one icon, too! ^^

ETA: Whoops, almost forgot! Would anyone be interested in the FO Banner and/or code for the Frodo & Sam layout I currently have at elevenses? I believe I could edit it to put whatever text you would like/no text at all (I don't know, though, I'd have to see if I saved the blank version). Please let me know, as I'll be changing it soon!

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Requests - please read! [29 Aug 2005|11:54pm]

[ mood | tired ]

*sigh* Okay, yet again I'm in need of assistance here. I'm very short on free time and thus I don't really have time to go in search of pictures to use for icon-making.

So.... I'm requesting requests again! Please try to be specific this time - I'd prefer it if you have a specific picture and/or text in mind (feel free to browse my PhotoBucket account for lots of anime, LotR, Harry Potter, King Arthur, etc. pictures), but I can be flexible too. I'm especially fond of doing manga icons, but whatever you'd like is fine with me - including fandoms outside of the ones I've done so far. However, please keep in mind that I will not create any icons containing or implying yaoi/yuri or shounen-/shoujo-ai (i.e., slash). At all. Ever. But outside of that, pretty much anything goes. :P

So please do request an icon - or several! (I'm most definitely open to making more than one per person at this point.) In the meantime I'll be going through and re-uploading all my older icons, and continuing to putt along with making new ones. (Honest.)


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I'm BACK!!! [09 Aug 2005|03:10pm]

[ mood | creative ]

...With no new icons as of yet, but I'll get to them, I promise!! ^^;

I'm really sorry about the ridiculously long hiatus, everyone. Real Life just kinda blew up in my face and I'm only just now getting things back into some semblance of order. So new icons are definitely on the way - with new fandoms too! - but I'll need a couple of days to get back into the swing of things. (Translation: some of the new ones will probably be really bad as I try to remember how to use Photoshop! O_o)

But since my freetime will still be somewhat limited, I'm going to have to prioritize my icon-making... e.g., I have to decide which fandoms to concentrate on first. For that, I'd like your help, if you have a moment to answer the following poll...

Which fandom(s) should I concentrate on first? (Please choose your TWO favorites.)

Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
King Arthur
Rurouni Kenshin
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist
Gundam Wing/SEED
Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Mythical Detective Loki)
Other (please comment)

Domo arigatou gozaimashita - thank you very, very much - for your help and patience, everyone! I'll try to get new icons up right away. ^_^x

ETA: Whoops, almost forgot to mention. I notice (and several people have pointed out) that none of my old icons are showing up. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm in the process of re-uploading them, so I hope to have them all back up, hopefully by this weekend. Sorry about that, and thanks again for your patience!
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[Fruits Basket] Shigure Layout Code? [27 Apr 2005|04:39pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

I don't have time to post it now, but would anyone be interested in the Souma Shigure graphics and/or layout code that I had in my personal journal until recently? You can see what it looks like here.


Multi-fandom, as usual! [25 Apr 2005|03:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Whew, things have been busy around here. But I have finally managed to sit down and make some icons! They're mostly Fruits Basket and PeaceMaker Kurogane this time, with a few Rurouni Kenshin's thrown in there...

But first, before I forget: holbytla, here's your requested icon! (Sorry it took so long! I forgot I hadn't posted it. :P)

(There is text there - can't remember what it says, though. :P Hope it's to your liking!)

[12] Fruits Basket (Momiji, Momiji & Tohru, Shigure)
[8] PeaceMaker Kurogane (Souji, Hijikata, Tetsu - gasp! No Shinpachi-sama this time!! *wails*)
[6] Rurouni Kenshin (7 Kenshin + 1 Aoshi)
[3] Whistle! (Tatsuya & Shou)
[29] icons in all

[x] Teasers:

In the end, it doesn't even matter...Collapse )

There's definitely more to come. I think next time I'll do more manga (I really like the look of it), and maybe some actors! Elijah Wood, Ioan Gruffudd, Hugh Dancy... *drools* ;)

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Because I'm bored and my muses have abandoned me... [15 Apr 2005|11:41pm]

[ mood | bored ]

...I'll be open to requests, until inspiration strikes. Any fandom you like, just specify a picture (I've got some in my Photobucket gallery, which you can find in the userinfo) and text (optional). Please note that I will not make any icons with yaoi/slash pictures or text. Given my current mood, I expect I'll be able to post the requested icons within a couple of days.

So please... request! *bats eyelashes pitifully*

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A couple more... [11 Apr 2005|09:39pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Well, I still haven't finished the big batch I was hoping for, but I have at least made some Shinpachi icons at last. *sigh* ;)

[13] PeaceMaker (Shinpachi-sama, Okita Souji, Shinpachi & Sano, and another cooler Susumu & Tetsu variation)

Even the little one's here?Collapse )

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Whee, a new fandom! [10 Apr 2005|11:23pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Well, not exactly new since I've been into this manga almost as long as Rurouni Kenshin, but I've only just now managed to get my hands on some screencaps from it!! The manga (and anime series, though I don't believe it's available in English) is Whistle! by Higuchi Daisuke, and if you haven't read it I'd highly recommend doing so! It's published by Viz (Shounen Jump) and the fifth volume is about to be released.

Anyway, enough rambling. I don't have a large batch to offer tonight, but if I can manage to get all my studying done tomorrow I'll hopefully be posting more shortly.

[10] Whistle!
[4] PeaceMaker Kurogane
[4] Rurouni Kenshin
[2] RaveMaster

If only I had a witty comment to put here...Collapse )

Hmm, I've been thinking that I should really expand to other genres besides LotR, anime and King Arthur. What are some of y'all's favorite (preferrably animated, but liveaction is fine too) movies/TV shows/whatever that you'd like to see icons of? (Bleh, I'm too tired to be grammatically correct.)

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.[anime: rurouni kenshin] just a couple icontest rejects... [01 Apr 2005|05:14pm]

[ mood | ay, muy cansado! ]

I'm going to have company over tonight and tomorrow - otherwise I was planning on making a whole batch of anime icons. *sigh* Oh well, perhaps Sunday.

In the meantime I have a couple RK icons that I either didn't use for current contests, or the contest I entered them in is already over. Nothing special; besides the first two, all of them are textless so feel free to customize if you like.

Ho-hum...Collapse )

P.S. Check out rk_challenge! The first fanfic challenge has been posted. [/shameless advertising]

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In honor of the day... [25 Mar 2005|10:52am]

[ mood | chipper ]

In honor of it being the Gondorian New Year (the day the Ring was destroyed, you fools! ;P), my mom's birthday and Good Friday, I have a whole bunch of new icons to offer. :D Mostly PeaceMaker Kurogane, but there are three Kenshins too, and I believe there are a couple of Frodos in there as well...

Usual rules apply, of course!

[x] take
[x] comment
[x] credit (elevenses or _shinken)

[x] Teasers:

17 PMK + 3 RK (gasp!) + 4 LotR (FotR) over here...Collapse )

P.S. I have just seen "Mortal Kombat: The Movie" for the first time, and while the movie itself wasn't great, Robin Shou (Liu Kang) certainly was. So you might expect a couple of Mortal Kombat icons to pop up here in the near future... :P

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[LotR] Eeep! [14 Mar 2005|06:11pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Ack, I just discovered that I never posted a couple of LotR icons I made a while back, using art by mucun (please credit her in keywords if taking!)! O_o I've also added four icons (well, two really - the other two are just alternate versions because my font was going crazy in Photoshop) using quotes from The Hand Puppet Movie Theatre.

Just 10 in all...Collapse )

If anyone's interested in these bases (or any others - I keep them all), I'd be happy to post 'em. :)

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