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_sexcellent_'s Journal

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01. you must post the provided survey in its entirety and a minimum of three pictures.
02. you must post within 24 hours of joining the community, or else you'll be removed.
03. only. stamped. members. are. allowed. to. vote. do not comment on any entries, other than your own, until you are accepted.
04. you must be over the age of 15 to join.
05. everything (this includes the entire survey and each picture you post) must be behind an lj cut. be as racy as you want with the pictures, as long as you aren't offensive. which brings us to the next rule…
06. rudeness will not be tolerated. if you bring any sort of drama or uncouth comments, you will be immediately banned.
07. if you are not accepted, you are eligible for reapplication one week after your first post. please make sure to leave and rejoin the community when doing so.
08. if you are not accepted or banned, please save your bullshit for someone who cares. do not take your complaints to our personal journals. if you have a legitimate problem that must be resolved, you can e-mail me.
09. accepted members, you are free to post within the community any time you'd like. please be sure to note that you are 'stamped' somewhere in the subject line. and make it friends only.
10. if you fail to follow these rules, you will receive one warning. do it again, and you're banned for good.
11. remember that we (super_sick_girl and my_cynical_echo) are the owners of this community. if you don't agree with the decisions we make, we don't give a flying fuck.

remember, applicants, that while this survey is generally short, your answers should not be. elaborate. be creative. one word answers suck. thanks.


01. name :
02. nickname(s) :
03. age :
04. sex :
05. sphere upon which you reside :
06. height :
07. weight :
08. any tattoos or piercings :
09. is the glass half full or half empty :

10. eating :
11. drinking:
12. listening to :
13. feeling :

14. what band/artist do you like but are ashamed to admit :
15. what is the greatest CD you own :
16. if a song had balls, which song would you castrate :
17. which song sums up your existence :
18. what instruments do you play, if any :

19. food :
20. color :
21. book :
22. childhood nursery rhyme :
23. school subject :
24. band/artist :
25. song lyric :
26. profane word :
27. alcoholic beverage :

28. what is your sexual preference :
29. relationship status :
30. are you a virgin :
31. lamest pickup line you've ever heard :
32. best sexual position :
33. what is the weirdest thing you or someone else has uttered during sex :
34. if you were a porn star, what would your name be :

how do you feel about..
35. homosexuality :
36. religion :
37. abortion :
38. labels :
39. drugs :
40. racism :

41. how did you find this community :
42. describe yourself in five words :
43. what makes you sexcellent :
44. pick a word that makes you giggle and why :
45. share with us one of your bad qualities :
46. we know you participated in the whole boy band phenomenon. which was your favorite and why :
47. make up a question and answer it :
48. does cigarette smoking piss you off incessantly :
49. enlighten us. make us laugh. force us to think. do it. now. :
50. promote this community (mind you, we will check). link us to where you've promoted (community name, lj username, whatever). :

aim; antigravityl0ser

aim; xqueenofmean