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I'm a little sex pot

Do you dare?

Are you a sex pot?
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Do you have what it takes?

This is a RATING community. Don't apply if you can't handle the truth.

1. Anyone any age can join, as long as we deem them pretty enough. 11 year olds are pretty too!
2. Your mods are the coolest people in the world and are the only ones who are voting so you don't have to worry about angry accepted members taking out their bad days on you.
3. If we think that you are absolutely drop dead gorgeous we may extend the right to vote on members to you, but you CAN NOT vote on members unless you're asked. Everyone will be notified when this happens.
4. To join you have to fill out the application completely regardless of how silly and unimportant it may seem! When you apply in the subject put "I'm a little sex pot". So we know you read the rules.
5. If you're accepted you'll be stamped with one of several titles, cause we know that there are different types of pretty. You'll either be, cute, classic beauty, exotic, gorgeous, or just plain pretty. Once you're accepted, please put the banner in your user info and PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!
6. We'll have different themes every two weeks for you to show off you're gorgeous self. Don't hesistate to post pictures that are completely random just make sure its under an lj cut titled random. Feel free to tell us what they're of in the subject.

Judging Process:
Each application will be reviewed by the mods, Cami, Rory, Parneet and Bella. Each one will give you a score 1-10. 10 obviously being the highest. You need a cumulative score of 25 or better to be accepted. Once you're accepted the mods will talk it over and vote on which stamp you'll recieve. If we get new voters the scoring will change but we'll let everyone know.

Favorite color:
Favorite friend and why:
Favorite food:
Favorite flower:
Favorite mod (you can only pick one and you have to choose):

Serious Section (opinions):
Premarital sex:
Sexual Assault:

Stupid Section (opinions on stupid stuff):
Ugg boots:
Pink fuzzy dice:
Hairy toes:
Britney Spears:
Math class:
Lava lamps:

Give us a chuckle:

What do you think beauty is:

What makes you beautiful:

Promote us one place (your lj counts) and put the link:

Post atleast 3 pictures we don't care how many more than that but atleast 3 ((put a star next tothe picture you would like us to put in the userinfo for when you're accepted)):


^^cami (boysloveme487)
^^rory (x12_liter_jugsx)
^^isabella (isabellanotte)

^^parneet (_shes_electric_ )

^^bridgette (cheerchump5 )

^^marni (miz_aphrodite )