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[25 Feb 2005|04:39pm]


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[01 Nov 2004|11:24am]


I barely have time to keep up my OWN journal...
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[25 Oct 2004|08:47am]

shit fuck. sorry guys..i'm in too many communities...didn't mean to post that shit twice....

ah well..whatever.
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[25 Oct 2004|08:44am]

I'm cross-updating, but shutthefuckup cuz i'll do what i want...

my friend james is in a band called One More August and i'm gonna promote his band for him!

He gave me a tee w/the band's logo on it. i made it pretty.

ShazaamCollapse )
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Stamped//OMA. [25 Oct 2004|08:41am]

My friend James is in a band called One More August.

They are super good.

Anyway, he gave me a tee with the band's logo on it...and i just jazzed it up a little.

One More AugustCollapse )
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[24 Oct 2004|02:23am]

im thinking we're gonna have to like delete this community or something. nobody applys and im getting upset.
i need a cigarette so bad right now but im trying so hard to quit.
this is all kadens fault.
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promotionsssss [17 Oct 2004|12:08am]

vote away on me...please!!Collapse )
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testing testing...lets see if i can figure this out [17 Oct 2004|12:00am]

i hope this works...Collapse )
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I'm a little sex pot [16 Oct 2004|05:09pm]

you make me wanna la la.Collapse )
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i'm a little sex pot....if you think so?? :o) [16 Oct 2004|02:56pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Name: Marque Louise...<3
Age: seventeen
Location: Feeding Hills, MA
Favorite color: pink....i'm such a girly girl
Favorite friend and why: my boyfriend. his name is jon. we've been together for about a year and a half now, and if he wasnt there for all the crap i've gone thru, i dont know how i wouldve dealt with it. he would do anything to make sure i'm safe and that makes me so happy that there is actually someone out there who loves me for me. i love him so very much.
Favorite food: pizza and french fries. i'm not a very healthy person if you couldnt tell lol.
Favorite flower: a rose. a red rose. and i love when their wet, because the drops just make the flower look so classic. i love the way the pedals are so soft. the only thing i dislike about them are the thorns, they hurt.
Favorite mod (you can only pick one and you have to choose): i really dont know any of the mod's, but i was looking at their pictures in the user info, and not to call any of them ugly, because i think they all are pretty/have beauty, whatever. but i'm gonna pick rory because she reminds me of one of my brother's friends who is a sweetheart.

Serious Section (opinions):
Premarital sex: i'm not against it at all, because, well, im not married and i'm not a virgin. i think sex is a beautiful thing as long as you're not "abusing the privilege" or basically whoring around. if youre gonna have sex before marriage, make sure you care about the person and that it will mean something to the both of you after it happens.
Homosexuals: i dont have a problem with them. i'm straight myself, but i have two lesbian friends and their wicked sweet. plus they know i'm straight so they dont try anything on me. i find that gay people are nicer than some straight people. yeah, and one of my old best friends is gay and we were really close until he got wrapped up in drugs, thats where we started drifting away from each other.
Abortion: ive personally always disagreed with it. the child that you got pregnant with is innocent, its youre fault you got pregnant if you didnt use any form of contraceptives/birth control. since i started having sex i went on birth control because i know im not old enough or mature enough to become a parent at such an early age. but i know if i got pregnant i would deal with the consequences and have the child, because like i said, it's not their fault that they were conceived.
Death: well, what to say about death...it happens to be my biggest fear in life. i know it's eventually going to come to everyone, but i dont think i'll ever be ready, and i think thats what frightens me the most. plus, what about the people that im close to, eventually their going to leave the world, and i'll never be able to see or talk to them again. thats the biggest thing that hurts me.
Drugs/alcohol: i dont agree with drugs because you have more of a risk of dieing that you would if you drank. plus their illegal. but alcohol on the other hand, i love it, its like candy to me. but i've been a good girl, and been sober for about 3 months now.
Sexual Assault: i find this wrong. ive been raped once before and it scarred me for a long time. so if it scarred me, then it must deeply hurt everyone else that has been hurt in any way sexually. so, yep, i disagree with sexual assault.

Stupid Section (opinions on stupid stuff):
Ugg boots: lets see....i really dont like them. my friend has a pair of black ones and i liked those. but the other ones just dont look good lol
Pink fuzzy dice: cute, especially since pink is my fav color. i want some for my car
Hairy toes: ewwwww, i dont like hair, or feet (including toes) either
Overalls: put them on cowboy. i dont look good in them, so i dont wear them, but hey if u think you look good in them, go ahead and wear them
Britney Spears: omg i've always been a britney fan. one of my dreams is to go to a britney concert at least once in my life.
Math class: eww math is my worst subject. thats why i didnt take a math class this year (im a senior and its not required)
Lava lamps: mesmorizing. too bad i dont have one, otherwise i'd prolly stare at it a little bit too much

Give us a chuckle: okay i dont know if this will make you laugh..but i know it made me.... a couple nights ago my boyfriend was over my house and i was studying for an italian test and i had to pee, but i just didnt want to get up. so i finally did and he was like where are you going and i was like ive had to pee for 20 minutes now and he was like oh yeah? and he got up and chased me to the bathroom and tried tickling me and i was like no im gonna pee my pants, and he still tickled me, and yep i did indeed wet myself a tid bit. he finally left me and i went pee, then i went to my room to change my pants and i came upstairs and he like omg did u seriously pee ur pants, and i just looked at him and turned beat red. lol

What do you think beauty is: i think beauty comes from within, and shows on the outside. even if you think youre the ugliest person alive, and you have the greatest personality ever, then you know what. you are beautiful

What makes you beautiful: hrmmm.....sometimes i think its all the makeup i use....but then when i do something good for someone, thats when i feel beautiful

Promote us one place (your lj counts) and put the link: okay for the next two things. i really really dont know how to do them, i read the directions at one point but they still confused me so if someone could PLEASE PLEASE help me with that, i would be so greatly happy, and i will promote in all my friends journals if you do this, and i will post as many pictures as i have of myself for you!!!

Post atleast 3 pictures we don't care how many more than that but atleast 3 ((put a star next tothe picture you would like us to put in the userinfo for when you're accepted)): * read above in the promote question.

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[16 Oct 2004|01:51pm]

no ones applying. im going to kill myself.
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random [12 Oct 2004|08:35am]

call meCollapse )
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[11 Oct 2004|01:18pm]

hey kids. cami here.
just so everyone knows, we've pushed the score you need to get in from 20 , to 25 since we have four judges now.
i should probably put that in the user info huh?
everyone needs to like promote the shit out of the community just spam people i dont caree! be like apply or DIE motherfuckerss!!

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I'm a little sexXx pot...yes? [11 Oct 2004|03:48pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

textCollapse )

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I'm a little Sex Pot [11 Oct 2004|08:05am]

[ mood | flirty ]

sexed upCollapse )

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new// am i a sex pot? [10 Oct 2004|07:02pm]

i got invited by cami!Collapse )
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Meet your mods! [10 Oct 2004|10:55am]

[ mood | creative ]

Mod #1- Camerin a.k.a. Cami or Cam.  Camerin is 17 years old and a very loveable gay boy, he loves his boyfriend and macaroni salad.  His friends are super cool and he loves them a lot.

Mod #2 Rory- Rory is 16 years old and she has a twin sister so there's double her beauty.  She lives with like 400 kids, and has the most amazing boyfriend ever.  Its such a shame he's stuck in an all boys prep school in Virginia, feel bad for him...very bad.

 ((new picture coming soon...this one was just available and slightly comical))


Mod #3 Isabella a.k.a Bella- Bella is 16 years old.  She's a crazy party girl and she loves her boyfriend Brian very much.  Her fav thing to do on weekends is play 58943721 games of candyland with her youngest sister Bambi.  Oh yea she likes sex a lot too.


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