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Swordspoint Fanfiction

Here's the current list of the all the Swordspoint fanfiction known to me. If I've missed a story, or if you have a suggestion for how to organize this list, or anything else at all, please leave a comment!

Stories with a * have spoilers for The Privilege of the Sword.
Stories with a + have spoilers for The Fall of the Kings.
Stories with a @ have spoilers for The Man with the Knives.
Stories with a # have spoilers for A Wild and a Wicked Youth.
Pretty much every story has spoilers for Swordspoint.
Reader beware.

-First Meeting
All Unheard of by Petra
An Anatomy of the World by yunitsa
Beautiful Things by just_ann_now (Richard/Jessamyn, Richard/Alec)
Change of Plans by just_ann_now
Cheating Death by Harukami
First Night* by manyfacesofme
Flirting with Danger by jay_of_lasgalen
Gravity by Cheveret
Meeting by Bagma
Meeting by celandineb
My Death Waits by Derry
Riverside High by Snow (highschool AU)
The Scholar's Hands by just_ann_now
The Scholar and the Swordsman by Michelle Christian
The Seven Deadly Virtues by Angharad (see the 2nd story, "Fortitude")
The Watcher by just_ann_now
What's Past is Prologue by sprat
While the Darkness Lasts by sakuratsukikage
Windfall by Elfscribe
You by praiseofshadows

Complications by Rm
The Consolation of Philosophy by Calanthe Borrible
Cut it Close by Harukami
Demons'll Charm by Brigdh
Hunger by midnightdiddle
Knotted Time by celandineb
More by just_ann_now
Not so Less Here by Brigdh
Perfect by just_ann_now
Reckless by just_ann_now
Secret of Its Skeleton by Brigdh

-Swordspoint era
Abstract Interest by Bagma
And In Possession So by Brigdh
At Leisure by just_ann_now
Beauty by Rm
Besotted by elfscribe5
Blossom to Blossom by Brigdh
Caught Out by Oshun
Change of Engagement by thrihyrne
Cinnamon by elfscribe
Claustrophobia by athousandwinds
Clothes Make the Man by just_ann_now
Come Back by Brigdh
Conversations with the Mad by Thorn
Creatures of the Night by just_ann_now
Crimson Snow by Esteliel
The Education of St. Vier by przed
Envy by just_ann_now
A Far Better Fate Than Wisdom by victoria p.
Gasconade by Canis M.
Homecoming by Oshun
Home Early by Oshun
Hours by Bagma
Hugo's Shadow by praiseofshadows
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by just_ann_now
Lightning Laughs at the Clouds by Brigdh
Like Crumbs by Brigdh
Made to Touch Me by Oshun
Marks by Brigdh
Of Smoke and Gold and Breathing by Brigdh
Old Wine in New Glasses by jay_of_lasgalen
Ordinary Days by Angharad
Pierced by celandineb
Prise de Fer by thrihyrne
Revenge Effloresces by Thevina
Rhythms by Rm
Settlement of Debt by Cija
A Shadow on the Moon by jay_of_lasgalen
Sins by Brigdh
Snow by Bagma
Snow by Lelek
Sweeten Thy Mouth by Rana Eros
Tears, Exercise by Bagma
Those Eternal Seconds by heartofslash
A Tongue No Man Can Tame by jay_of_lasgalen
Turnabout by Oshun
Truth of the Body by Derry
Untitled by thrihyrne
Warning: Bad Pick-Up Lines Dead Ahead by yaoi_in_exile
Weapons by Elfscribe

-Between Swordspoint and The Privilege of the Sword
Adult Literacy by just_ann_now
Baubles by Rm
Blade by Ishafel
Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Oshun
Death of a Swordsman by Angharad (death fic)
Devotion by celandineb
Displays by Brigdh
Displays (I Don't Wanna Grow Up! remix) by Rm
Enthralled by just_ann_now
Feeling Is First* by Brigdh
Frozen in Time* by just_ann_now
Hallucinations by Oshun
Hardcore and Gentle* by Brigdh
Home Improvement* by Oshun (Marie, Alec/Richard)
A Job and Its Reward by frodosweetstuff (crossover with LOTR RPS, Sean/Elijah)
Love's Blind Defense* by thrihyrne
Love is Better Blind by Suzume
The Moment of Truth* by jay_of_lasgalen
Not Quite A Sure Thing by just_ann_now
Not Yet Tomorrow* by MC
Over a Lake of Cracking Ice by Rm
Particles of Light by Measured
Relatives by Harukami
Retreat* by MC
River's Side by midnightdiddle
Something for Everyone* by jay_of_lasgalen
A Temporary Arrangement* by Sangredulce
To Die and Deal Death by cinnamonpaper
Touch by just_ann_now
Unexpected Blessings* by jay_of_lasgalen (sequel to The Moment of Truth)
Waiting Up* by just_ann_now
What You Want by midnightdiddle
When the Moon was Bright+ by jay_of_lasgalen
Who Apprehends* by celandineb
The Young Duke: Judicium Dei* by Jay Tryfanstone

-The Privilege of the Sword era
After* by just_ann_now
Flight* by Rm
I Corinthians 13* by athousandwinds (the story also features scenes set in earlier periods)
Unveiled* by Elysin Stars

-Post The Privilege of the Sword
At the Pommel* by Kate
At Sea* by Rm
Compass and Knife* by Brigdh
Children*+ by Rm
The Death of the Swordsman* by Rm
The Fickle Nature of Swordsmen (The Blood and Scar Remix) by Ria
Ficlet by athousandwinds
A Flight Across a Calm, Dark Sea* by Oshun
Home* by just_ann_now
In the Village*+ by just_ann_now
Kryos House* by manyfacesofme (sequel to First Night)
Last Night*@ by jay_of_lasgalen
The Leaving* by shadowandmist
Letters* by Rm (Katherine, Richard/Alec)
Like Poetry* by pixieface
Love is Blindness* by Rm
Market Day* by psuedo_catalyst
Peace Comes Dropping Slow* by jay_of_lasgalen
The Point of the Sword* by wildestranger
Overheard in an Aerodome in the Imperial City of Archades* by canis_m (crossover with Final Fantasy XII)
Year's End* by Esteliel

Other Relationships and Characters
als Selbstzweck by Todesengel (Alec/Harry)
And So It Begins+ by psuedo-catalyst (Peter Godwin/Henry Fremont)
Autumn Nights+ by just_ann_now (Basil/Theron)
Basil's Banquet+ by thrihyrne (Basil/Theron)
The Blackbird's Nest+ by heartofoshun (Basil/Theron)
Cernunnos+ by elfscribe (Basil/Theron)
Correspondance*+ by Ankaret (OFCs)
Dizzy by Rm (Richard/Jessamyn)
Fool's Delight+ by just_ann_now (Nicholas/Theron)
Fragment+ by psuedo-catalyst (Peter Godwin/Henry Fremont)
Girl's Night Out - Girl's Night In* by munditia (Katherine/Artemisia)
Growing Pains*+ by psuedo-catalyst (Jessica)
Homesickness* by rivrea (Katherine, Richard)
The Main Chance by celandineb (Lord Horn/Michael Godwin)
Morning Session* by _profiterole (Katherine/Artemisia)
My Blood*+ by encairion (Theron/OMC)
Nip and Tuck* by celandineb (Katherine and Artemisia)
One Night at Riverside by Vain Girl (Supernatural AU, Dean/Sam/Jessica, sequel to Rose Red)
Piracy Our Only Option*+ by munditia (Jessica and Katherine)
Pleasurepoint by Derry (Richard/Bertram Rossillion)
Portrait of a Swordsman as a Young Man by todeskun (Richard/Jessamyn)
Prepare the Masquerade* by dagasisa (Katherine and Artemisia)
Princely Manners* by dagas isa (Katherine, Artemisia)
Principles by celandineb (Michael/Diane, Michael/Rosamund)
Rose Red by ninhursad (Supernatural AU, Dean/Sam/Jessica)
Roses and Jasmine by Loligo (Richard/Thomas Berowne, Jessamyn)
Sacrifice by telperion1 (Diane, Alec)
Speculation+ by psuedo-catalyst (Peter Godwin/Henry Fremont)
The Swordswoman Triumphant* by Ione (Katherine/Artemisia/Marcus)
To My Beloved Wizard+ by Kate Burgess (Theron, Basil)
The Way in Which Letters Must Always Tumble Downhill* by rm (Katherine/Artemisia, Katherine/Marcus)
Without Adult Supervision* by just_ann_now (Artemisia, Katherine, Marcus)
A Woman's Place+ by celandineb (Sophia, Michael)

Richard-centered fics
Consequence* by Brigdh (Richard and Jessica)
Deserved by Rm (Richard and Jessamyn)
Dissection# by barnaby_swithin (Richard, Richard's mother)
Flying Lessons* by just_ann_now (Richard and Jessica)
Snowfall by Meghan (gen)
Swordplay by avendya (Richard and his mother)
The Visitor*+ by Rm (Richard and Theron)

Alec-centered fics
And Yet it Falls by Brigdh (gen)
Family Ties by just_ann_now (gen)
From Every Point of View by Brigdh (Alec/Richard)
If Man Were the Sky and Could See the Earth Clearly by Corbeaun (Alec, Harry, the Duchess)
Letters* by Brigdh (Rose, Katherine, Alec)
Not with a Bang by Brigdh (gen)
Under the Willows by celandineb (gen)
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