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_plotline's Journal

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this community is for everyone who loves to read, but cannot do so as much as they would like, because of the extremely high price of books. books that you will read once or twice and never look at again. so this is basically a community that runs like a book swap. read a book, and pass it on.

this community was made by two girls who has EDs so the mainly the books that will be swapped will have to do with eating disorders and self harm. but if you happen to come acrossed a book that you really enjoyed that does not have to do with that, then that is fine too.

when thinking of creating this community, we realized that since we really do not know any of the members in the community in RL, we cannot trust that everyone will play by the rules. to qualify to give and recieve a book, you have to fill out the application. if you are trustworthy, then there shouldn't be a problem about you getting in. it just kind of acts as insurance so none of us get screwed over.


  • if you are planning on scamming us out of books; leave.
  • once you make a deal to trade a book, it has to be mailed out within two days.
  • each person will pay for the shipping of the book that THEY are shipping out.
  • post with any new book that you would like to trade with somebody. give a little summary and why you like the book.
  • you cannot have more than one book that doesn't belong to YOU at once.
  • you MUST vote on EVERY application. it is not an option. we need to make sure that these people that are coming into the community are ligit.
  • once you have recieved and read a book, pass it on. not necessarily back to the original owner.
  • if you have any complications or problems with the the trading process, (example: you don't get a book in return) that is not OUR fault. we would like to help you and to be aware of this for future reference, but we make no garauntees.
  • &lastly, if you are going to post any of your confidential information, make that post FRIENDS ONLY. if you do not know how, ask before posting. this is for your safety.

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