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The Perfect

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errrrr [^Tuesday 24th^]

why aren't we getting any applications?? I've been promoting but I'm not sure if anyone else is. This community is sad :(. I think we should try and get people, we haven't gotten an application in days. Just thought I'd see what was up.
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Stamped / Notice [^Saturday 21st^]

This is starbeams, just wanted to say I've moved here to inmysummer.

and so it's not text-only...Collapse )
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[^Friday 20th^]

[ mood | bouncy ]

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n00b. [^Wednesday 18th^]

[ mood | okay ]

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[^Tuesday 17th^]

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[^Tuesday 17th^]

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application [^Sunday 15th^]

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Application [^Sunday 15th^]

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MODS Please [^Thursday 12th^]

I propose we make this the greatest community ever. To really show what a Hot or not community is. No fake bitches, no slow dragged ugly rats, no nice to the ugly people.

Is this what the community should be?

Or should we allow every ugly dog in, let people with fake pictures join, and be nice and say "oh your soo pretty" to the ugly people who dont even brush their teeth

You choose then let me know.

If you choose the first one, IM me on AIM.
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