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Hannibal King...Straight And Simple...You Are?

She was helping me...after all those days in that room I began to think I was doomed but now this pretty little lady was helping me out. The wheel of fate turns!

"Don't worry princess, I'm not your common lying, deceitful, kleptomaniacal, run of the mill vamp...unless it had escaped your keen notice"

I brushed my trousers down, then brushed my hands on my trousers to get the dirt off my hands that I'd just got off my trousers and were now back on my trousers.
King you're an idiot.
I held my hand out.

"Hannibal King, ex-human-ex-familiar and soon to be ex-vampire something like that, what can I call you because I've begun to notice a twitch when I use the term princess...sure candyass is out of the question or will that just lead to more of the prior hitting me?"

I smiled.

"What...just because I'm dead, doesn't mean my humour should be too, of course, that's down to the opinion of those who hear me, which as of late hasn't been much"

I looked around the empty lot.

"I'm assuming you don't live here...pretty big assumption because I could be wrong, I'm sure the place is nice and cosy if you get used to it. Lots of rubble to lay on, a few bricks and iron poles to make some artwork, yep, it's a real hoot at the house with no walls and no roof"
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